The Netify Agent uses a modified version of the open-source nDPI deep packet inspection library. We add a few open-source features to provide what's needed for network intelligence:

  • multi-threaded pipeline
  • real-time JSON network data streams
  • packet dynamics
  • DNS hinting
  • support for large IP and domain lists
  • additional metadata extraction
  • run-time application signatures
  • optional automatic signature updates
  • optional integration with cloud-based informatics

We're big fans of open source and nDPI - it is a vibrant community that innovates at a swift pace.

Netify DPI Agent Features

DPI + Cloud-based Analytics

On-premise DPI provides a great starting point for network visibility. However, today's encrypted networks need new approaches to traffic analysis. Our Netify Informatics solution uses local network data - including information from the nDPI engine - and processes the information using machine learning and cloud-based analytics. Features include:

  • Real-time device discovery and alerting
  • Advanced risk analysis
  • Hostname visibility
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Automatic classification of device type using packet analysis
  • RESTful APIs for accessing rich insights into flow data on your network
  • Native mobile clients for Android and iOS
  • and more

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Integration and Custom Solutions

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