Network Object

Object Information

ID and Tag

You can identify a network owner by either an ID number (e.g. 120) or by tag (e.g. google-cloud). You can browse the list of active networks on the networks lookup web tool You can fetch the list of IDs and tags by querying the REST API.

Label / Full Label

The label is the name an end user would typically use to identify a network, while the full_label (if shown) provides a more formal name. For example, "AWS" is the label, but "Amazon Web Services" is the full_label.


The description is a one or two sentence description of the application.

Home Page

The home_page provides the link to the application home page.


Every application is listed under a primary category. You can find a list of application categories and associated IDs / tags here.

PoP List

The pop_list entry provides the list of point-of-presense (PoP) locations. See the PoP Object documentation.

Network Object JSON Overview

"network": {
    "id": 10091,
    "tag": "amazon-aws",
    "label": "Amazon AWS",
    ... and more ...
    [ PoP List ]

Network Object JSON Example

"network": {
    "id": 10091,
    "tag": "amazon-aws",
    "label": "Amazon AWS",
    "full_label": "Amazon Web Services",
    "description": "Amazon AWS ...",
    "home_page": {
        "url": "",
        "text": "Amazon AWS"
    "category": {
        "id": 36,
        "tag": "hosting",
        "label": "Hosting"
    "favicon": "",
    "icon": "",
    "logo": "",
    "favicon_source": "app",
    "icon_source": "app",
    "logo_source": "app",
    "pop_list": [
        { PoP Object },
        { PoP Object },
        { PoP Object },


Three types of logos are available in the data payload. The favicon and icon can be any size, but these images will render well at the sizes described in the adjacent table. The logo, on the other hand, is strictly 128x128.

Key Description
favicon A logo that renders well at 16x16
icon A logo that renders well at 128x128
logo A logo that is exactly 128x128

Not all applications have all of the logos available. By default, the REST API response will provide a placeholder logo showing the first letter of the app, e.g. .

In the data payload, you can check the values for favicon_source, icon_source, and logo_source to verify the source of the images. If the source is set to app, the real application logo is available. If the source is set to default, the placeholder image is provided.

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