Some Netify API endpoints provide data in paginated format. In order to manage payload sizes and caching, the pagination size is set to a value appropriate for the specific data feed. Essentially, our goal is to keep payload sizes below 50MB. We don't want your Postman tool to get those "payload too large" messages!

The page parameter lets you select the page number of the data set, e.g. https://.../application_ips?page=2.

The data_info part of the API response provides page statistics. See adjacent JSON example.

Paginated data is always provided in the same order for the specified target, typically an internal ID number. For example, the Application IPs Data Feed provides data order by application ID.

    "data_info": {
        "total_records": 1139,
        "total_pages": 12,
        "current_page": 1,
        "start": 1,
        "length": 100,
        "limit": 100
    "data": ...

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