Response Payload

Netify Data Feed APIs provide information via JSON response payloads. An example is shown in the adjacent sidebar, and details are provided below.

Status Information

Standard HTTP response codes are sent by the API, along with the following status information (if available):

  • status_code: a status code number
  • status_message: a human-readable status message
  • status_fields: an array of validation errors (if any)
You can find more information about errors and validation on the response codes page.

Pagination Information

Pagination information is provided in the data_info object. You can find more information on the pagination page.

Option Information

The primary categories are often listed in the data_options section of the payload. This is provided as a convenience.

Data Payload

The data object contains the core data provided by the Data Feed API.

   "status_code": 0,
   "status_message": "Success.",
   "data_info": {
      "total_records": 1139,
      "total_pages": 12,
      "current_page": 1,
      "start": 1,
      "length": 100,
      "limit": 100
   "data_options": {
      "category": {
         "ids": {
            "1": "Unclassified",
            "34": "Remote Desktop",
            "35": "CDN",
            "36": "Hosting"
         "tags": {
            "unclassified": "Unclassified",
            "remote-desktop": "Remote Desktop",
            "cdn": "CDN",
            "hosting": "Hosting"
   "data": ...

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