Domains Data Feed Overview

The Domain API endpoint provides information on the millions of domains in the Netify database. You can find general Netify REST API information on Authentication, Response Codes, and other topics in the menu. You can also find hostnames, routes and specific details about the API endpoint in the API Reference Documentation.

Please note: the domain database is primarily used to analyze network traffic patterns and categorize applications in Netify Informatics. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of domain categories for content filtering. However, we can recommend partner organizations that provide content filtering domain data that integrates with Netify DPI. Please contact us for details.


The domains database is very Netify Informatics-centric and is the backbone of the Netify application detection system. Here is an example on how it works. The domain is part of the Microsoft Teams application definition. Any HTTP, TLS SNI, DNS hint, or other DPI-detected hostname (e.g. that matches the base base domain is considered part of the Teams app.

General Information

The domains payload starts with basic information and category information. A sample from the domain object is adjacent.

Label and ID

You can identify a domain by either an ID number (e.g. 124167) or by label (e.g.


Every domain is listed under a primary category. The domains data uses the same categorization as applications. You can find a list of domain categories and associated IDs / tags here.

"data": {
    "id": 124167,
    "label": "",
    "category": {
        "id": 24,
        "tag": "social-media",
        "label": "Social Media"


A domain can optionally be associated with an application. For example, is a domain associated with the Twitter app, so the application data is included in the domain's JSON payload. If a domain is not yet associated with an application, the application metadata will not be included.

"data": {
  "label": "",
  "application" : {
    "id" : 120,
    "tag" : "netify.twitter",
    "label" : "Twitter",
    "icon" : "",
    "favicon" : ""


A domain can optionally be associated with a platform. For example, the domain is not only associated with the Twitter application, but also part of the Akamai CDN platform ( The platform data is included in the JSON payload (see adjacent example). If a domain is not yet associated with a platform, the platform metadata will not be included.

You can find a list of the supported platforms on the Platform Lookup Page.

"data": {
  "label": "",
  "platform": {
    "id": 1002,
    "tag": "akamai",
    "label": "Akamai",
    "category": {
        "id": 2,
        "tag": "cdn",
        "label": "CDN"

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