Protocols Data Feed Overview

The Protocols API endpoint provides descriptions, port lists and other information for protocols detected by the Netify DPI engine. You can find general Netify REST API information on Authentication, Response Codes, and other topics in the menu. You can also find hostnames, routes and specific details about the API endpoint in the API Reference Documentation.


General Information

The protocols payload starts with basic information, including the ID, tag, label, and other details. The example for Bittorrent is adjacent. Some tips and tricks:

Tag and ID

You can identify a protocol by either an ID number (e.g. 37) or by tag (e.g. bittorrent). You can browse the list of IDs and tags on the protocols lookup web tool or you can fetch the list by querying the REST API.


Every protocol is listed under a primary category. You can find a list of protocol categories and associated IDs / tags here.


Protocols can come and go over the years. The active flag is set to false for old protocols that have been removed from the current Netify DPI engine.

"data": {
    "id": 37,
    "tag": "bittorrent",
    "label": "BitTorrent",
    "full_label": "BitTorrent",
    "active": true,
    "abbreviation": "",
    "description": "BitTorrent is the most ...",
    "category": {
        "id": 5,
        "tag": "file-sharing",
        "label": "File Sharing"
    "home_page": {
        "url": "",
        "text": "BitTorrent"

Port List

The port list provides information on official ports designated in the IANA Protocol Registry.

 "port_list": [
        "number": 53,
        "ip_protocol": {
            "id": 6,
            "label": "TCP"
        "description": "Domain Name Server",
        "service": "domain"

Port Stats

The port_stats data is experimental. This provides data on port use in the real world. Though HTTP connections typically use TCP port 80, you can find HTTP servers running on just about any port out in the wilds of the Internet.

The sample data from the SIP protocol is below. TCP/UDP ports 5060/5061 are the official ports designed by the IANA protocol registry, but the SIP protocol can be found on other non-standard ports too.

IP Protocol Flow Percent
UDP 5060 56%
TCP 5060 24%
TCP 5061 6%
UDP 5080 5%
UDP 5070 3%
UDP 5061 1%

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