Netify FWA for pfSense


Netify FWA for pfSense is a free and open-source deep packet inspection solution that blocks unwanted protocols and applications.

Netify for pfSense

Are you looking for the Netify Network Intelligence and Visibility solution? If so, please click here.

Netify FWA for pfSense


Netify FWA is designed to run in tight spaces, so the memory requirements are modest and generally not a concern for pfSense deployments. As for CPU, the underlying Netify deep packet inspection engine requires about the same amount of horsepower as an intrusion detection/prevention system - the busier the network, the more CPU cycles required.
Netify on Firewalls and Routers


pfSense 2.4.x

Up-to-date Netify packages are maintained in our pfSense repository. To install the package, run:

curl | sh

pfSense 2.5.x

Sorry, we do not support pfSense 2.5.x at the moment.


Once the Netify FWA for pfSense package is installed, use the pfSense web-based administration tool and navigate to:

Status Services

Please make sure the netifyd and netify-fwa services are running. Once complete, navigate to:

Firewall Netify FWA

You can click through the different tabs to configure application block rules, protocol block rules, and the whitelist. Status information is also shown on the primary Status tab.