Upgrading Netify on OpenWrt

This guide is for upgrading the Netify package in OpenWrt. To install the package, please follow the instructions here.

OpenWRT firmware/images are updated a few times a year and this includes the software package repositories. Netify's development and release cycle is often more frequent than this, and you may be instructed to upgrade to take advantage some the latest features.


To determine if an upgrade is available, compare the version of Netify as displayed in the Luci web interface with packages from the snapshot list available here. Select the folder corresponding to the architecture specific to your system, then select the Packages folder and search for "Netifyd".

From the command line, run netifyd -V to see what version you're running.

The example shown illustrates a new upgrade is available - Netifyd 3.05-1, as compared to the screenshot of the Luci software package installer which shows 2.88-2 is installed.

To install an upgrade, copy the ipk file URL link from the package list. For example:


Paste this URL into Luci's "Download and install package" and click on the OK button.

Once a new version of Netify is installed, the Luci interface can be confusing by indicating an "Upgrade" is available. After upgrading to a newer version of Netify from the snapshots repository, an upgrade will actually just be a downgrade to the original version of Netify.

For those that prefer the command line, upgrades can be performed using the following syntax (note, the URL may differe depending on architecture and version):

opkg install https://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/packages/arm_mpcore/packages/netifyd_2020-09-15-v3.05-1_arm_mpcore.ipk
If you are getting any errors from the Luci or the opkg command, try using the HTTP (not HTTPS) form of the download link - it will avoid any potential SSL certificate errors.