Portal and API

Netify informatics can be accessed via any web browser. For integrators, an extensive API is also available. Both the web interface and API support multi-tenant deployments and enhanced privacy mode.

The Portal screenshot shows a sample dashboard page available for diving into Netify informatics.

Netify Portal and API

Device Discovery

Know what's on the network. Netify automatically tracks and identifies new devices found on the network for classification, association and labeling.

The Device Discovery Timeline screenshot shows the most recent devices detected on the network.

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Netify Device Discovery

Policy and Productivity

Are employees trying to bypass the firewall or DNS policies to access inappropriate sites? That's not only a potential productivity problem, but also an increased cybersecurity risk.

The VPN Detection screenshot shows an overview of VPN protocols in use. You can drill down further to see the VPN devices as well as the specific network details of each VPN connection.

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Netify - VPN Policy

Risk and Reputation

The Netify machine learning engine is continually analyzing network flows and devices on the network to identity cyberthreats and risky behavior.

The Risk and Reputation Events screenshot shows a number of issues on the network: insecure protocols, an SSH server, and weak encryption. The weak encryption network traffic is a sign of obsolete and risky devices on the network. The obsolete SMBv1 protocol is susceptible to ransomware attacks - time for a patch update.

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Netify - Risk and Reputation


The Netify machine learning engine and deep packet inspection engine is able to identify applications in use on the network.

The Top Applications screenshot shows the most used applications along with a trend chart to show interesting patterns.

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Netify Application Detection

Real Protocol Analysis

The Netify deep packet inspection (DPI) engine is able to identify protocols in use on the network. Is Bittorrent saturating the Internet connection and interfering with online conference calls? What gets measured, gets managed.

The Protocols Chart screenshot shows the most used protocols over the span of a day.

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Netify Protocol Detection


Your HP printer should never be communicating with a server in an unfriendly neighborhood. Network geolocation identifies where connections are being made in regions around the world.

The Geolocation screenshot shows the number of connections by country.

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Netify - Geolocation

Hostname Visibility

The Netify engine is able to extract important hostname information from a variety of traffic flows and protocols: DNS, mDNS, HTTPS, HTTP, QUIC, DHCP, NTP and more.

The Top Domains screenshot shows the most used domains on the network.

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Netify Hostname Visibility

Bandwidth Accounting

Bandwidth reports can be generated in all shapes and sizes, by: user, group, application, device type, operating system, protocol, geographic location, network parameters, and more. Look back 5 minutes or look back to last Tuesday afternoon.

The Bandwidth Chart screenshot shows the upload and download data of all IoT devices over the last 3 hours.

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Netify Bandwidth Chart

Detailed Connection Tracking

With Netify, the metadata of every single network connection is at your fingertips. The Flow Details screenshot shows details of a Samsung TV connecting to their cloud solution - one of over 10 million monthly connections on this Netified network. There's even more metadata under the hood, but this screenshot provides a good sample.

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Cybersecurity events will happen. With Netify, you can go back in time to track down the source of security problems. The connection data shown in the screenshot shows a Samsung TV in need of a software update. The connection uses an old and insecure encryption cipher: RC4.

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Netify Flow Details

Advanced Filters and Forensics

Netify provides advanced filters to help drill down into the network data. You can filter by dozens of criteria (see screenshot), for example, you can filter data by a particular device at a particular date and time.

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Regulations like PCI DSS and HIPAA require businesses to collect data and make best-efforts to ensure assets within their organization are being used accordingly. The filtering in Netify provides the tools to review required compliance procedures.

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Netify - Forensics with Filters

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