Netify Documentation

Wether you're a new user who has just found Netify and wants to learn more to get the most out of the Network Intelligence Netify brings to your organization or and advanced user looking to develop on, integrate or contribute, the Netify docs is the place for you.

Contributing to the Documentation

If you would like to fix a typo, add a HOWTO or think you can save someone else some time by providing more detail, our documentation is open to edits and updates.

Before you Contribute

Before your first contribution, you'll need to:

  • Sign up to a free GitLab account
  • Become somewhat familiar with the Markdown language

Minor Changes

If you're making a relatively minor change like fixing a grammatical error or typo, the simplest thing to do is make the change in GitLab directly. The documentation project lives here.

  • Navigate to the Netify GitLab project and login
  • Find the page you want to modify/change
  • Click on 'Edit'
  • Modify the Markdown text online
  • Click 'Commit'

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