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The Netify Mobile App for Android and iOS is a free app available in the respective platforms marketplace (Google Play, Apple App Store). The app is intended to be complementary to the Netify service, and not simply another way of accessing the same data from the Netify Portal.

Netify's portal has been designed to be responsive to any sized screen - try accessing the Netify Portal using your mobile phone's browser if you require access to the full feature set.


Download the Netify Mobile App on Smartphones and Tablets.

Setup and Configuration

Once you have downloaded and installed the Netify Mobile App to your smartphone or tablet, click on the icon to start the app. You will be presented with a login form asking for your credentials. Use the same email/password as you would use to login to the Netify portal.

If you do not have a Netify account, you can register for one here.. The mobile app is available to all subscriptions levels as well as during the free trial period.

Once you have successfully logged into the app, you will see all of the organizations and corresponding sites that you have created on the Netify portal, along with some information about how many sites and agents are associated with the collection. Take note of the lock status (). If the icon is orange, it indicates that you have not yet entered the organization's encryption passphrase. Click on any related site name to be prompted for this secret passphrase so that the app can be granted access to the data stored in the Netify informatics engine.


Free support for the Mobile app is available via email or live chat. Click on the chat icon Live Chat in the lower right hand corner of this page.

If you would like to report a bug or feature request, please send an email to, with the following information:

  • Platform (Android or iOS)
  • Version (in the app, click on Settings [ gear] icon and scroll down until you see Version)
  • A description of the problem you encountered or feature you'd like to see added

Known Issues

Netify Mobile is currently BETA software and as such there are known issues that we are aware of and working toward resolving. The following list contains known bugs and/or usability issues:

Netify Mobile v1.1

  • Tapping on a push notification should open the app and display the relevant view rather than showing the main component.
  • [iOS] The organization/site list-view is loaded dynamically which may cause site entries from not responding to tap events. If you are unable to select a site by tapping on an entry, refresh the list using the [ refresh] button from the toolbar.

Technical Support

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