2a06:8184:1:53::a - IP Info

Detection Information

2a06:8184:1:53::a is a Tor node. Details on protocols, hostnames, ASN, and network points of presence are provided below. The information on this web page may be up to a month old, but up-to-date data is available in the Netify Tor Data Feed.

IP Stack Summary

Layer Details
Application Tor - Logo Tor

IP Info

IP Address 2a06:8184:1:53::a -
Hostname - -

Tor Node Info

Netify Data Feed Tor - Logo Tor Nodes
Ports 443, 443, 443
Bandwidth 11.5 MiB/s
Type Relay IP
First Seen January 16, 2024
Tor Node
Tor is an anonymity and privacy network. A single IP address can host multiple Tor relays running on different ports. The data shown here is published monthly, but the Tor Data Feed is updated hourly.

Routing Info

ASN AS48605
ASN Route 2a06:8184:1::/48
ASN Label 27Fibre
Location United Kingdom
Routing and ASN
The ASN (Autonomous System Number) provides routing and location information for traffic flowing to this IP address.


Tor - VPN and Proxy
Tor - Logo

Tor is an open-source software project that aims to enable online anonymity and privacy. It directs Internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer network consisting of thousands of relays to conceal a user's location and usage.

Dedicated IP

Some IP addresses can be shared across multiple applications, especially on content delivery networks (CDNs). However, it looks like 2a06:8184:1:53::a is dedicated to Tor.

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