Network Intelligence - Simplified

Netify provides full transparency into what’s happening on the network. Local deep packet network monitoring coupled with cloud-based analytics to deliver exceptional, business-driven results.

What is Netify?

Netify provides network intelligence and visibility.

Our solution stack starts with our Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine which, passively collects data on the local network. This lightweight engine identifies applications, protocols, hostnames, encryption ciphers, and other network attributes. The software can be integrated into network devices for traffic identification, firewalling, QoS, and cybersecurity.

Next, our Netify Informatics engine collects data from local DPI engines and transforms the power of a public or private cloud into network intelligence. From device identification to cybersecurity risk detection, Informatics provides a proactive approach to managing network threats, bottlenecks, and usage.

Lastly, our Data Feeds provide data to help vendors understand how applications behave online. Do you need to know the traffic behavior of applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, YouTube, etc? Our data feed application intelligence includes domains, IPs, CDNs, platforms, protocols, and other network attributes.


Customizable data and insights to suit the differing needs of users and decision makers.

Flexible Deployment

Software DPI agent with zero network disruption. API endpoints to for data feeds and analysis.

Complete Visibility

Deep Packet Inspection engine with cloud-based machine learning/analytics.

Data Forensics

Dive into network data to improve performance, meet regulatory compliance, and more.

Netify DPI Agent

Netify Deep Packet Inspection - Network Visibility

The days of cut-price and unpredictable networks are coming to an end. Today's network has to be more responsive and innovative. Netify's DPI standalone software solution provides the network intelligence to deliver next-generation firewalls, routers, IoT gateways, SD-WAN solutions, and other network devices.

  • Application detection
  • Protocol detection
  • Quality of service management
  • Next-generation cybersecurity data
  • Device discovery and asset inventory
  • Digital experience monitoring
  • Zero-rating solutions

Network Informatics - Business-Driven Intelligence

With today’s modern and increasingly encrypted network traffic, you need more than sFlow/NetFlow data. Netify Informatics ingests data from our local deep packet inspection engine, transmits it to a public or private cloud, and transforms it into actionable traffic analysis. Informatics provides the visibility needed to manage the modern network.

  • Network event alerts
  • Visibility and tracking
  • Network risks and reputation
  • Application and protocol bandwidth analysis
  • Forensics and data archiving
  • Compliance integration
  • Geolocation analysis
Netify Data Feeds

Netify Data Feeds - Enriched Network Data

Netify provides network intelligence data to help deliver better digital experiences to end users and businesses. With Netify Data Feeds, you can analyze IPs, applications, protocols, networks, CDNs, and other network properties.

  • Application IPs and domains
  • CDN and hosting networks
  • VPN providers
  • Tor nodes
  • WiFi calling gateways
  • ISP/Telco networks