Netify Data Feeds

Netify Data Feeds

Netify Data Feeds provide network intelligence for applications, networks, platforms, and protocols. For example, do you need to know the domains, IPs, CDNs, and networks TikTok uses? We can answer that question and a lot more. Data feed intelligence includes:

  • Domain lists
  • IP address lists
  • Content delivery network details
  • Platforms in use - AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Protocols in use
  • TCP/IP port usage

Where does the data come from? Netify implements solutions that dig deeper than your standard network monitoring software. We combine cloud-based analytics with local deep packet inspection across thousands of real-world networks around the globe.

We process the data and make it available in three different data feeds:

  • Application Domains
  • Application IPs
  • Stats for IPs, applications, networks, and platforms

The data feed details are described below.

IP Sample Data -

The following was sample data for Some of the network traffic is identified as Spotify, but we also know that the traffic is also part of the Adobe Ads platform (an advertising/tracking solution) running on Amazon AWS.
Layer Details
Application Spotify - Logo Spotify + 32 more
Platform Adobe Ads - Logo Adobe Ads
Network Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS - Europe (Ireland)

IP Info

Detected Hostname ec2-54-155-94-243...
Security Authority *
Location Dublin, Ireland

Routing Info

ASN AS16509
ASN Route
ASN Organization Inc.

Application Domains Data Feed

The Netify Application Domains Data Feed provides lists of domains associated with applications. This network intelligence data is typically used for:

  • DNS filtering
  • Application detection
  • Hostname-based machine learning models

Applications like Twitter use a variety of hostnames and domains to deliver images, videos, APIs, and other elements that define an application. For example, the Twitter application goes beyond the familiar domain - dozens of domains are in use (see adjacent list).

Application domains are continually appearing and evolving, especially across content delivery networks (CDNs) and third-party platforms. We stay on top of it.

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Sample Twitter Domains

Applications use a variety of domains to deliver a full solution. For example, Twitter is more than just, there are dozens of domains like,, and

  • and 30+ more

Application IPs Data Feed

Netflix, YouTube, TikTok, and others each use tens of thousands of IP addresses located around the globe. We recommend using our Netify DPI engine for most application and protocol detection, but the Application IP Data Feed provides IP lists that can be used for:

  • QoS/QoE
  • Network routing policies
  • Denylisting/safelisting
  • IP-based machine learning models

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Africa (Cape Town) - Logo
Amazon AWS
Africa (Cape Town)
Cape Town, South Africa @ af-south-1

Stats Data Feeds

Understanding the behavior of applications on a network can provide the insights required to improve overall user experience. The Network Intelligence stats can be customized to meet your requirements. Data can be used for:

  • Optimizing application behavior
  • Analyzing protocol and port data
  • Managing geographic distribution

Contact us for details on customization.

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The following is a sample of applications that were detected on

Application Category Byte % Flow % Bytes / Flow
Netlify Hosting - Logo Netlify Hosting Hosting 94.0 88.3 305,000
Twilio - Logo Twilio VoIP/Conferencing < 1 2.3 121,000
Autodesk - Logo Autodesk Business < 1 < 1 452,000
Peloton - Logo Peloton Recreation < 1 < 1 125,000
TeamSnap - Logo TeamSnap Sports < 1 < 1 1,900

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