Netify Data Feeds

Netify Data Feeds

Netify Data Feeds provide network intelligence to provide insights into what's happening on the network. For example, do you need to know the domains, IPs, CDNs, and networks TikTok uses? We can answer that question and a lot more. Data feed intelligence includes:

Where does the data come from? We combine cloud-based analytics with local deep packet inspection across thousands of real-world networks around the globe.

We process the data and make it available across the data feeds described below.

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Proton VPN - Logo

Proton VPN
This is an example visualization of the IPs and networks used by the Proton VPN service. You can find up-to-date information here.

Network Map
Countries 88
Cities 112
Networks 20
ASNs 37
IP Info
Total IPs 5,783
IPv4 5,783
IPv6 0
Routes 256
VPN Network Map

Application Feeds

Application Logos

The Netify Application Feeds provide hostname, IP, bandwidth, and other network intelligence for hundreds of applications. This network intelligence data is beneficial for:

  • Enhancing Netflow data
  • Providing cybersecurity analysis
  • Creating DNS filter policies
  • Implementing smart QoS and QoE
  • Routing network traffic by application

Our unique insights on applications are provided through analysis using our deep packet inspection engine.

To help solve different use cases, we provide three different feeds:

  • Application Domains
  • Application IPs
  • Application Stats

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Application Domains Feed

The Application Domains data feed provides lists of domains associated with specific applications. For example, X/Twitter is more than just - there are dozens of domains like,, along with the more cryptic CDN/hosting domains like

Application IPs Feed

The Application IPs data feed provides the networks and IPs associated with specific applications. For example, video streaming from YouTube can be identified by the approximately 30,000 IP addresses spread across the globe.

Application Stats Feed

The Application Stats data feed not only provides the networks and IPs associated with an application, but also protocol, port, bandwidth, shared score, and other network statistics. This data feed is ideal for performing a deep dive into an application's profile.

CDN and Hosting Feeds

Identifying hosting and content delivery networks (CDNs) helps classify network traffic and recognize potential threats. The Platforms Data Feed provides the following insights into CDN, hosting, and SaaS providers:

  • hosted applications
  • points-of-presence
  • ASNs
  • network ranges
  • partner IPs

Partner IPs are essential to understanding the network. Akamai's CDN is deployed not only on its extensive global network but also on over 125,000 IPs hosted at ISPs, IXPs, and other hosting providers. Similarly, to provide a global reach, Cachefly CDN has a number of partner IP address ranges hosted with third-party cloud providers: EdgeUno, Zenlayer, etc.

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Connection Tracking

ISP/Telco Feeds

The edge of the network grows in importance every day. Whether delivering streaming services or deploying popular applications, the last-mile infrastructure provided by ISPs and telecommunication companies is essential.

Hosting and CDN providers often deploy their infrastructure on partner networks, including ISPs and IXPs. For example, Netflix's content delivery system is distributed across over 1,000 ISPs in over 100 countries. Aussie Broadband is one of those Netflix ISP partners - the ISP has over 25 IPs dedicated to Netflix.

The Networks Data Feed provides the ASNs, IPv4/IPv6 network blocks, and the IP addresses of hosted CDN systems.

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Edge Caches - an example from Down Under

Aussie Broadband - Logo

Aussie Broadband is an ISP that provides broadband internet connections to residential and business customers across Australia. The company provides edge CDN services in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Name IP Info Link
Netflix CDN - Logo Netflix CDN 29 IPs CDN Info
Google Edge CDN - Logo Google Edge CDN 21 IPs CDN Info
Akamai - Logo Akamai 330 IPs CDN Info
Meta CDN - Logo Meta CDN 57 IPs CDN Info
Steam CDN - Logo Steam CDN 8 IPs CDN Info
Apple CDN - Logo Apple CDN 30 IPs CDN Info

Tor Nodes Data Feed

Much like consumer VPN services, Tor makes it possible to prevent unwanted third-party tracking of Internet activity. However, for businesses, it can pose a threat to security, compliance, and network access control

The Tor Data Feed provides not only the Tor IP addresses but also associated metadata:

  • ASN
  • Network owner
  • Geolocation
  • Ports
  • Bandwidth
  • Exit/Relay details

The IPs in the Tor Data Feed change frequently, so the data feed is updated at least once per hour.

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Tor Node Info

Ports 9060, 9060, 9060, and 3 more
Bandwidth 26.3 MiB/s
Type Relay IP
First Seen December 20, 2023

Routing Info

ASN AS1759
ASN Route
ASN Label Telia Finland
Category ISP/Telco
Organization Telia - Logo Telia
Location Finland

VPN Servers

Consumer VPNs like Proton VPN and Mullvad VPN play an important role in protecting users' privacy. Businesses, on the other hand, need to protect their networks in order to maintain security, compliance, and control over their environments.

For example, employees' use of consumer VPNs can raise concerns for businesses and organizations that are data controllers or processors under GDPR. Other use cases:

  • To manage limited bandwidth: marine, remote location, etc.
  • To reduce cybersecurity risks and associated insurance premiums
  • To protect the integrity of a shared network

The VPNs Data Feed is a valuable resource, providing the networks and IP addresses associated with consumer VPN services. It's updated daily, ensuring that businesses are always informed and up-to-date.

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