Netify Data Feeds API

Netify Data Feeds provide a way for you to access network data from Netify's Internet intelligence platform. The following provides technical details on the APIs to access the data. For high-level product details, please see the Netify Data Feeds page.

Note: access to the API requires an API key.
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Netify Agent - Open Source

Are you looking for developer information on the Netify Agent - the open source deep packet inspection engine and network analyzer that runs on your local network?

Netify Agent

API Information

The first section of the documentation provides general Netify REST API information:

Data Feeds

The second section of the documentation provides details on the various Netify data feeds:

Data Feed Objects

The final section of the documentation provides JSON format information on our standard data objects:

Reference Documentation

You can also find hostnames, routes and specific details about API endpoints in the Postman API Reference Documentation.

Integration and Custom Solutions

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