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End users depend on Internet-based apps every day. Applications and services are delivered 24/7, and remote interaction happens in real-time. And our dependence on the network keeps growing. Netify Informatics uses cloud-based analytics to transform local network metadata into high-level network intelligence and visibility. The solution provides answers to common network questions:

  • What security weaknesses exist on my network?
  • What is breaking up VoIP and video calls?
  • Are employees following company policies and guidelines?
  • Is there any unwanted access to your Internet-enabled IoT device?
  • What apps are hurting bandwidth resources?
  • Why is the network so slow all of a sudden?

Why Enhanced Traffic Analysis?

Netify Informatics is ideal for integrating network intelligence and visibility into other business applications and platforms.

  • Provides competitive advantage
  • Enables a pathway to new subscription revenue
  • Lowers uncertainty and costs related to edge networking
  • Provides tools to compete in the Magic Quadrant

Our Netify Informatics solution has been integrated into firewalls, routers, SD-WAN solutions, SASE platforms, and other devices.

Connection Tracking

Netify Informatics Features

Device Discovery

The Netify agent tracks and automatically adds any new devices found on the local network for classification, association and labeling. Learn More »

Risk and Reputation

The Netify machine learning engine is continually analyzing network flows and devices on the network to identity threats and risky behavior. Learn More »

Network Intelligence Events

The events system highlights important incidents on your network: AI-based anomaly detection, new devices, security weaknesses and more.

Application Detection

The Netify machine learning engine and deep packet inspection engine is able to identify applications in use on the network. Learn More »

Protocol Detection

Peer-to-peer file sharing is just one of over 190 protocols detected by Netify. Learn More »

Bandwidth Monitoring

Is a VoIP call suddenly breaking up or video stalling? Find out instantly what devices on the network are increasing latency and consuming bandwidth. Learn More »


Network geolocation identifies where connections are being made in regions around the world. Learn More »

Hostname Visibility

Monitor and record every hostname lookup made by devices on the network. Learn More »

Forensics and Tracking

Can you say you’re tracking every single connection being made out of and into a local network? Learn More »

Why Integrate Network Intelligence?

Network Visibility

Move beyond network monitoring. Gather network insights on users, applications and devices in order to make informed technical and business decisions. Learn More »

Focus on Your Core Product

Network Intelligence is a constantly evolving field. Focus on your product and solutions, and we'll take care of the rest. Developer Zone »

Open and Extensive APIs

From multi-tenant supported provisioning to advanced reporting, the extensive Netify Informatics API makes it possible to integrate network visibility into your solution. Developer Zone »

Machine Learning / AI

Machine learning transforms traditional network monitoring and deep packet inspection into truly beneficial network intelligence. Netify has collaborated with leading universities and R&D labs in Canada.

Private and Public Cloud

Netify Informatics can be 100% managed in the public cloud, or deployed in private infrastructure. We provide flexibility to enhance compliance, data privacy and operations control.

Proven Scalability

Our cloud-based infrastructure has processed millions of service requests from hundreds of thousands of devices in the field. And that's just today. From firewalls and servers, to web cameras and security DVRs. We do infrastructure.

Integration and Custom Solutions

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