Netify Informatics - Flex Solutions

The Netify Informatics platform takes DPI to the next level. We have flexible packages to meet the needs of your solution: from light-weight aggregate bandwidth information, to full-featured per-flow analytics. Mix and match the features below to meet your needs.

Packets and Bandwidth

A low-bandwidth satellite link is very different than a 10 Gbps backbone connection. We can customize the right level of service.

Data Resolution

At the most detailed level, we can process and store every single network flow. We also have options to store aggregate data.

Retention Rates

Live data can be stored for days, weeks or months. To reduce costs and provide compliance solutions, we also provide data archiving options for long-term data storage.

Public or Private

We provide a managed solution in our cloud, your private cloud, or on your premises. In addition, we provide an option to host the network data in a separate location.

Integration and Development

We provide consulting and support for our extensive API. We also offer custom API feature requests and data extensions.

Feature Selection

One size does not fit all. Select the features that you need: device discovery, IP reputation reporting, forensics/compliance, etc.

Netify Informatics - Standard Subscriptions

Netify is available on a number of gateway products, as well as a standalone solution for network switch equipment. Get started with our 7-day free trial.


per agent
per month
  • 5 Mbps sustained
  • 1.5 TB bandwidth / month
  • Up to 3 interfaces
  • 7 day live data
  • 90 day archive
  • Email support
  • No API access


per agent
per month
  • 25 Mbps sustained
  • 7.5 TB bandwidth / month
  • Unlimited interfaces
  • 14 day live data
  • 6 month archive
  • Email support
  • Limited API access


per agent
per month
  • 100 Mbps sustained
  • 30 TB bandwidth / month
  • Unlimited interfaces
  • 30 day live data
  • 2 year archive
  • Email support
  • Limited API access


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  • Flexible Mbps sustained
  • Custom bandwidth
  • Custom interfaces
  • Custom live data
  • Custom archive
  • Email/Phone support
  • Full API access

Integration and Custom Solutions

Do you have any questions about integration, APIs or custom development?

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