Netify Informatics API

The Netify Informatics API provides a way to integrate advanced metrics and intelligence into other business applications and custom platforms.

The API can be used to provide answers to common network questions:

  • What devices are on the network?
  • What security weaknesses exist on the network?
  • What is breaking up VoIP and video calls?
  • Is there any unwanted access to Internet-enabled IoT devices?
  • What apps are hurting bandwidth resources?
  • Why is the network so slow all of a sudden?

Netify Agent - Open Source

Are you looking for developer information on the Netify Agent - the open source deep packet inspection engine and network analyzer that runs on your local network?

Netify Agent


The Netify Informatics API is built around the REST web services concepts. Our API includes:

  • Predictable resource-oriented URLs
  • Standard HTTP response codes and augmented error codes
  • Data privacy and encryption
  • Enhanced validation handling
  • Standard authentication
  • Common data filters and settings
  • Common data fields and metrics
  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)
  • JSON response payloads

Getting Started

You can jump right in by going through an example in the Getting Started guide - no account or API keys required:

Getting Started Guide »

Informatics API Reference

The Netify Informatics API Reference documentation provides detailed information on the available API endpoints.

API Reference »

Integration and Custom Solutions

Do you have any questions about integration, APIs or custom development?

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