Netify Agent - A Deep Packet Inspection Library

Netify DPI Agent

Netify is a Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) library - a software component or toolkit that provides the capability to analyze and inspect the content of network packets at a deep level, either in realtime or from a packet capture (ex. tcpdump). DPI involves examining the packets, beyond just the header information, to understand the nature and purpose of the data being transmitted.

Netify's primary functions are to:

  • idenitify and classify various network protocols, such as HTTP, QUIC, DNS, and more
  • recognize specific applications or services running on the network

Installing Netify Version 5

Previous Versions of Netify

This documentation is for Netify Version 5.x. We try and maintain backwards compatibility but it's not always possible. If you are looking for information for a different version, use the version selector at the top of this page.

sudo netifyd -V
Netify Agent/5.0.24-master-2511-560090bd (debian; linux-gnu; x86_64; conntrack; netlink; dns-cache; tpv3; tcmalloc; regex)

Interpreting the output calling with the -V flag, the above sample output would confirm the instance is using 5.0.24.

If you would like to review installing older versions of Netify, click here.

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