Version 5 Release Notes

Release Date

The major version release date for Netify 5 was announced on November 1, 2023.

What's New

Netify's plugin architecture has been completely refactored, laying the foundation for a more robust and flexible network monitoring system. This architecture overhaul brings several noteworthy benefits to OEM's, system integrators and organizations looking to egress metadata to their own private cloud using enterprise technologies like Message Queues.

This documentation covers everything needed to get you started or implement more advanced tasks like privacy, multi-organization and/or multi-site support and API access. Should you have any issues along the way, our support and developer team is ready to assist.

The main Netify configuration folder path was changed in Netify 5. In previous versions, /etc/netify.d/ has been changed in Netify 5 to /etc/netifyd.

BSD Support

Within the last 12 months, various organizations that rely heavily on BSD (specifically, pfSense and OPNsense) engaged with eGloo, prompting us to invest resources to support a Netify port to the BSD toolchain, including all existing plugins.

Open source BSD cross-compiled packages can now be found under the freebsd folder for both version 13.2 and 14.

New and Updated Protocol Dissectors

Netify Version 5 saw the addition of the following protocol dissectors, thanks to the nDPI community.

  • Apache Thrift
  • BACnet
  • Bitcoin
  • Facebook/VoIP (STUN hint)
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • HTTP/2
  • OICQ Chat
  • Service Location Protocol
  • Source Engine
  • SRTP
  • XMPP/S (XMPP over TLS, refined by TLS ALPN)

Developer Notes

Developer release notes can be found here.

Technical Support

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