Netify DPI Engine

Local Network DPI

Integrate next-generation DPI and network intelligence into your products and solutions: cybersecurity, gateways, firewalls, SD-WAN, WiFi, IoT, mobile core networks, and more.

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Netify DPI Flows

Netify Informatics

Cloud-based Analytics

Netify Informatics uses cloud-based analytics to transform local network DPI metadata into high-level network intelligence and visibility. The AI-driven solution provides insights into what's happening on the network.

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Netify Device Discovery

Netify Data Feeds

Network Intelligence Data

With Netify Data Feeds, you can analyze IPs, applications, protocols, networks, CDNs and other network traits. Data includes:

  • Domain lists
  • IP address lists
  • Content delivery network details
  • Platforms in use - AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Protocols in use
  • TCP/IP port usage
  • and more

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Data Feeds

Netify Your Network

Network intelligence, cyberthreat analysis, bandwidth accounting and more.

Features and Benefits