Netify DPI - Core Engine

The core of the Netify DPI Engine is a standalone open source solution that can be integrated with your product. We offer startup and product lifecycle support to help bring your solution to market. In addition, we offer optional premium add-ons described further below.

OEM Startup

Consulting and Development
Getting started

Open source flexibility, software transparency, and a lower total cost of ownership. Developing an in-house DPI solution is time consuming and expensive. To help get you started, we offer the following startup services:

  • DPI Integration and Development
  • Informatics API Integration
  • Expert DPI Consulting
  • Optimization for your Environment

Software SLAs

Release Maintenance and Support
Monthly options

We understand the complexities of deployment, releases, and lifecycles. We can provide peace of mind with SLAs, support, and quality assured DPI. Focus on your core solution - we'll take care of the rest.

  • Software Service SLAs
  • Verified Releases and Updates
  • Software Support
  • Feature Updates

Netify DPI - Premium Add-Ons

The following optional premium add-ons are available for Netify DPI Engine. Please contact us for details.

Signature Updates

Managed Application Signatures
Stay on top of an evolving Internet

Deep packet inspection is not a one-time implementation. Applications are continually appearing and evolving. Manage application signatures and updates for your deployments via our cloud-based management tool.

  • Automatics Updates
  • Web-based Management Tools
  • Custom Signatures

IP Sets Plugin

QoS and Firewall Hooks
High performance and optimized

The IP Sets Plugin provides a high-speed interface to implement DPI policies via the IP Sets Linux kernel framework. Typically, the plugin is used to integrate with existing firewall, QoS and routing policy engines.

  • High Performance DPI Matching
  • Flexible Rule Engine
  • Layer 3 Integration

Hybrid Stats Engine

Bandwidth and Performance Data
Integrate local network intelligence

The Hybrid Stats Plugin provides aggregated statistics from the stream of metadata produced by the DPI engine. The statistics can be exported, stored or integrated with third party databases.

  • Local Bandwidth Usage Reports
  • Dynamic Networking
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Integration and Custom Solutions

Do you have any questions about integration, APIs or custom development?

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