Deployment Overview

We provide a variety of different ways to manage and provision Netify in the field. The Asset API features include.

  • Support for managing tiered assets: Organizations, Sites, and Agents
  • Data privacy and encryption
  • Provisioning in the field - see example IoT Gateway
  • Provisioning before shipping - see example SD-WAN
  • Custom serial number support - see example SD-WAN
  • Tiered subscription management - see example SD-WAN
  • 1 Agent per Site scenarios - see example SD-WAN
  • Multiple Agents per Site scenarios - see example IoT Gateway

Before getting into the details, let's take a look at the way Netify organizes deployment assets.

Organizations, Sites and Agents

In order to support multitenant architectures and user-based access control, Netify network information is organized into a data hierarchy. If you are already familiar with Netify's concept of Organizations, Sites and Agents, please feel free to skip this section!

Netify deployments can range from a single office location to large distributed enterprises. Imagine the scenario where Acme Company has two office locations:

  • Toronto
  • Ottawa

To get full network visibility, these two medium-sized offices have deployed two Netify agents across their local networks:

  • 1st and 2nd floor in Toronto
  • East and west wings in Ottawa

With these 4 Netify Agents in place, Acme Company is able to get full visibility across their network.

Netify Data Scope

Fitting Your Business Model

Instead of bombarding you with all the available Netify deployment options, we have described some of the available options in two different scenarios. We can help integrate Netify to meet the needs of your business model, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Integration: IoT Gateway


How an IT Security company integrated Netify into their IoT Gateway product.


  • Provisioning in the field
  • Multiple agents per site

Integration: SD-WAN


How a regional ISP company integrated Netify into their SD-WAN product.


  • Provisioning before shipping
  • Custom serial number
  • 1 agent per site
  • 3-tier subscription plan

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