Netify Developer

Welcome to the Netify Developer documentation. As you probably already know, there are two distinct parts to the Netify solution:

  • The open source Netify Agent that runs on-premise on your network
  • The cloud-based Netify API and Portal that provides network analysis via AI-based network intelligence

You can find more developer information on each of these two parts below.

Netify Agent

The underlying engine for the Netify Agent comes from the open source netifyd daemon. This daemon provides all deep packet inspection heavy lifting that is not only used by Netify's cloud-based engine, but can also be used for third party software.

  • Detects over 160 protocols
  • Detects applications: Facebook, Netflix, etc.
  • Deconstructs DNS packets
  • Decodes SSL, DHCP and many others
  • Provides JSON hook for firewall/QoS
  • Works under a small footprint
  • and more..

The source code is ready to use on various popular Linux distributions, FreeBSD, OpenWRT, Raspberry Pi and more.

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Netify API

The Netify API provides a way for you to access your network data from outside the Netify portal. It is ideal for integrating any of the metrics and intelligence coming from the Netify cloud platform into other business applications or custom platforms you may be using.

  • REST-based API with JSON payloads
  • Banwidth data in every shape and size
  • Device discovery
  • Network intelligence via machine learning
  • Lookup information on protocols and apps
  • Device tagging and naming
  • and more..

The Netify API is built around the REST web services concepts so you can get started quickly using standard off-the-shelf tools.

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