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Netify is about providing visibility and insights into the network traffic flows created by every single device on your network - from a typical workstation to the IoT-enabled coffee-maker.

This documentation covers everything needed to get you started or implement more advanced tasks like privacy, multi-organization and/or multi-site support and API access. Should you have any issues along the way, our support and developer team is ready to assist.


When reading this documentation, certain words or sections of content will be represented in different styling. This highlighting exists to make it easier to understand the context of the information being presented. The following conventions are used:

file or folder
File names, directory names and paths are presented in this way. In almost all cases, it is in reference to the Linux or BSD host where the Netify agent is installed.
Linux and BSD commands are represented in this way.
file content
Contents of a file.
computer output
The output returned in response to the command.
Info box.
A note, reminder, tip or trick that can help keep you from banging your head against the wall.
Warning box.
A warning to prevent you from doing something you may come to regret without full understanding of your actions.
Critical box.
An urgent note that should not be ignored.

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