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Netify DPI - netifyd Agent

Managing modern networks requires insights into the application, protocol, security, and data intelligence layers. Netflow data is good, but deep packet inspection (DPI) provides the additional data to take network and cybersecurity analysis to the next level.

Netify DPI ingests network traffic, deconstructs the data, and transforms it into actionable results.

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Use Cases

Here are just a few examples of how Netify DPI is used around the world:

  • Prioritizing network traffic based on application and modern protocols, not IP lists
  • Pinpointing bottlenecks by application, for example, Microsoft Teams response times
  • Identifying malicious traffic, even when encrypted
  • Creating application-level QoS/latency policies
  • Generating latency-friendly routing policies in multiWAN/SD-WAN environments

How It Works

The open-source Netify DPI Agent - netifyd - does one thing and one thing very well: network analysis using deep packet inspection (DPI). The DPI Agent passively captures network traffic and then produces both network metadata streams and network policy datasets:

  • Network Policy Datasets include:
    - IP sets
    - nftables sets
    - Connection tracking labels
    - Stats
  • Data Streams provide:
    - Flow detection metadata
    - Flow connection data
    - Flow risk analysis (4.2.0 or higher)

Product Highlights

Netify agent highlights include:


  • DPI metadata extraction
  • Protocol detection
  • Application detection
  • Layer 3 network datasets
  • Bandwidth information
  • Network policy integration
  • Data streams


  • Open-source
  • Small footprint
  • Linux-based
  • Flexible
  • Custom signatures
  • Optional cloud intelligence

Why Netify DPI?

  • Differentiating your product
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reliability and experience
  • Knowledge and support
  • Open-source, open integration
  • Signature updates

The protocol detection is handled by a modified version of the nDPI library. Netify adds handling for run-time application definitions, network policies, JSON data streams, packet dynamics, packet pipelines, and more. If you're a technical guy, you can find all the source code on Netify's GitLab project page.

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