Netify Agent for Developers - Getting Started

Before we dive into getting started with the Netify DPI Agent (netifyd), please make sure you take a look at the features and understand the basics of how netifyd works.

There are two ways to extract DPI information from netifyd: ingesting network traffic in a live environment or using a network PCAP capture file.

In a live environment, the Netify Agent needs to tap into a network to analyze traffic. The traffic is ingested via a network interface connected directly to a live network or mirror port. This can be done:

  • On a virtual machine
  • In a container - LXC, Docker, nspawn, etc.
  • On a dedicated Linux system
  • By installing Netify on an existing Linux system
Supported Firewalls and Routers

Example: mirror port on a local network

Tap into the network where you want the most visibility. The example shows the Netify Agent analyzing LAN traffic on an edge network.


The installation process for analyzing packet captures is straightforward. If you would like to get a quick feel for Netify DPI, this is a good place to start.

The installation and setup process for ingesting live network traffic is a little more involved, but it provides a glimpse into a more typical Netify deployment.

Please select one of the install options below:

Packet Capture File Mode

Gateway or Mirror Port Mode

If your target platform is OpenWrt, we highly recommend the Integrators Kit. You will get access to an OpenWrt virtual image with an up-to-date version of the Netify DPI agent. We may also be able to provide a build for your target hardware.

Next Steps

If you have installed the Netify Agent for network capture file analysis, you can find information on how to run the DPI engine in the Packet Capture documentation. If you have installed the Netify Agent in a gateway or mirror port environment, you can jump right into the Data Stream Socket documentation.

Evaluate Netify DPI

Do you want to get started with evaluating Netify DPI? Request the Integrators Kit today.

Integrators Kit