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ClearOS is an open-source, Linux-based operating system (OS) that is designed from the ground up to be extensible. The OS provides any combination of network, gateway and server functionality to small/medium sized businesses, non-profit organizations, education/government and distributed enterprises.

ClearOS makes an ideal gateway and Netify is offered in the ClearOS 7 Marketplace. If you have or are thinking of using ClearOS as your gateway to the Internet, you can be up and running in under 15 minutes! More information on ClearOS

Gateway Mode

ClearOS can run either as a gateway or a standalone server. Since Netify is designed to provide network intelligence for your whole network, installing Netify on a standalone ClearOS server is neither useful nor supported.

ClearOS 7


In the ClearOS web-based interface (operating on port 81), click on the "Marketplace" heading after logging in. Scroll through the app until you find Netify or enter "Netify" in the search filter. Click on "Select for Install" and click on the "Download and Install" button as you would install any other app in the ClearOS Marketplace.

Command Line

If you prefer the Linux command line, up-to-date Netify packages are maintained in the ClearOS repository "clearos-contribs". This repository should be enabled by default, but to be safe, run:

yum --enablerepo=clearos-contribs install app-netify


Once the app is installed from the Marketplace or command line, use Webconfig to navigate to:

Network Network Intelligence Netify Agent

Follow the provided link in the web-based interface to provision your Netify Agent.

ClearOS 6


Sorry, only command line installation is available in ClearOS 6.

Command Line

To install the Netify agent on ClearOS 6, run:

yum install app-netify


Once the Netify package has been installed, you can use the netifyd -p command to get provisioning information:

# netifyd -p

Netify Agent Provisioning UUID: AA-BB-CC-DD

Copy and paste the web address shown in the command line output into your web browser, and then continue the provisioning process.

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