We've gone to great lengths to ensure your data is private. Any identifying information you provide to the Netify platform (non CRM data) is encrypted with zero-knowledge encryption. The passphrase you use in setting up an organization is only known to you and is never transferred off your browser or mobile client.
Netify does not store actual data carried over your network, only metadata. Metadata includes statistics and summaries of flow data like:
  • what application was detected
  • source and destination IP addresses
  • how much bandwidth was transferred
Your network flow data captured by the Netify agent is never sent to the cloud.
Due to the architecture and privacy controls designed into the Netify service, we cannot associated an event that occcurs inside your network with an email address representing the Netify account you use to login to the portal with. The encryption key you provided when setting up an organizations resides only with you - making you (or your browser) the key to linking the two. Check out the Netify mobile app if you wish to receive real-time alerts.
eGloo is an incorported Canadian company whose team members have built Netify. To learn more about eGloo, click here.
Almost certainly your agent configuration is not setup correctly. Look for a line 'enable_sink' in /etc/netifyd.conf - it should be set to "yes". Alternatively, on most platforms, running:
netifyd --enable-sink service netifyd restart
will fix the issue.
Your agent provision code is unique to your hardware. It is generated on installation of the Netify agent software. Depending on the platform you have installed the agent on, it can usually be obtained through the graphical user interface. If a user interface is not available, you can retrieve the agent provision code from a command line using:
netifyd -p
The Netify agent can be safely and securely added into your network in three different ways, depending on your network topology and hardware:
  • Installed on an existing and supported Firewall or Gateway
  • Installed on a dedicated appliance or virtual machine connected to the mirror port on a network switch
  • Installed a dedicated appliance and placed in-line between your core switch and gateway
Firewall / Gateway
Supported Firewall / Gateway
Mirror/Span Port and Virtual Machines
Mirror/Span Port and Virtual Machines
The account owner of an organization can set the renewal to 'Allow Expire'. After your subscription expires, the organization and all data will be deleted. We do not offer refunds.
If you no longer need/want the local agent reporting metadata back to the Netify Cloud Informatics platform, login via SSH to your server where the agent is hosted. Locate and edit the file /etc/netifyd.conf and set enable_sink = no. Save your changes to this file and either stop or restart the daemon using the command appropriate for your platform. Ex:
systemctl [restart/stop] netifyd