Netify DPI - Running the Agent

Before running the Netifyd DPI agent, you will need to install and configure the system. At least one processor and typically

- How It Works
- Installing Netifyd
- At least one processor plugin
- At least one output plugin

Running Netifyd


You can use the standard systemd commands to manage the Netify Agent, for example:

systemctl unmask netifyd
systemctl enable netifyd
systemctl restart netifyd

Debug Mode

You may find it useful to run the Netify Agent in debug mode. To do so, please shut down any running agent and then restart netifyd with the -d/--debug flag. Please keep in mind that the -I/--internal {interface} or -E/--external {interface} for defining network roles and capture interfaces is required, e.g.:

netifyd --internal eth0 --debug  # Full flags
netifyd -I eth0 -d  # Compact flags
netifyd -I eth0 -I eth1 -E wlan0 -d  # Multiple interfaces

Please keep in mind that debug mode will show errors for missing files that are optional (e.g. /etc/netify.d/sink.url). Many of these messsages are non-fatal and normal in many contexts.

Performance and Status

To have a look at some statistics on the performance and resource requirements of the agent, run netifyd with the -s/--status flag:

# netifyd -s
Netify Agent/4.3.6 (linux; x86_64; conntrack; netlink; plugins; tcmalloc; inotify; regex)
- agent is running.
- persistent state path: /etc/netify.d
- volatile state path: /var/run/netifyd
- agent timestamp: Mon 19 Dec 2022 10:33:33 AM EST
- agent uptime: 0d 00:00:00
- active flows: 0
- CPU utilization (user + system): 0.2%
- CPU time (user / system): 0.0s / 0.0s
- current memory usage: 9924 kB
- maximum memory usage: 22276 kB
- DNS hint cache: enabled
- DNS hint cache entries: 21
- sink URL:
- sink services are disabled.
  To enable sink services, run the following command:
  # netifyd --enable-sink
- sink uploads are disabled.
  To enable sink uploads, ensure your Agent has been provisioned.
- sink agent UUID: AA-BB-CC-DD
- sink site UUID is not set.

Evaluate Netify DPI

Do you want to get started with evaluating Netify DPI? Request the Integrators Kit today.

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