Netify Flow Actions Plugin

Before getting started, please take 5 minutes
to read the Network Policy Datasets document.

There are cases where it is desirable to take real-time action on the network metadata provided by the Netify DPI Agent. The Flow Actions Plugin uses a powerful expression engine to match traffic based on DPI attributes of a network flow. Using the criteria, the plugin provides a high-speed interface to standard Layer 3 Linux datasets and tools:

  • nftables - firewalling, audit trails and QoS
  • iptables - firewalling and marking traffic
  • conntrack - managing connections and route changes
  • ip rule - multiWAN routing policies
  • dscp - DSCP flag control
  • any custom tools using iptables marks
Netify Flow Actions (NFA)

The plugin supports logging, along with 3 different engines:

Evaluate Netify DPI

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