Netify DPI - Stats Plugin

The Netify Stats Plugin is a premium add-on to the Netify Agent. The software can be used to collect and store rich network stats on a local or third party system.

The Netify Informatics engine provides high level network intelligence based on a holistic view of the network. Though Informatics is convenient and allows for greater insights to be gained through 3rd party services like IP reputation and Machine Learning models, it is impractical for use when dealing with real-time on-premise network flow control.

Turning DPI Metadata into Action

Netify Evaluation Kit

The open-source Netify Agent (netifyd) comes with 200 application and 175 protocol signatures, as well as full data stream support. Please contact us to gain access to the Netify Evaluation Kit which includes:

Evaluate Netify DPI

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IntegraKors Kit