Data Metrics

Netify's API endpoints may include support for returning data for different metrics. For example, the Top Bandwidth Stats endpoint can return data for the top 10 applications, top 10 geolocated countries, top 10 IPs, etc. The standard metrics are described in the table below, but other metrics are also available in specific API endpoints.

Feature Metrics

Metric Description Example Item
application_categoryApplication categorySocial Media
protocol_categoryProtocol categoryFile Sharing

Identity Metrics

Metric Description Example Item
ownerDevice ownerStanB Mobile
groupDevice groupMarketing
typeDevice typeTablet
osDevice operating systemAndroid
discovery_hardwareDiscovered device hardwareLG G7
discovery_typeDiscovered device typeMobile
discovery_osDiscovered device operating systemiOS

Network Metrics

Metric Description Example Item
local_ipLocal IP address192.168.1.100
ip_versionIP versionIPv4 or IPv6
ip_protocolIP protocolTCP, UDP, GRE

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