Response Codes

The Netify API uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate the return status of an API request. These response codes are summarized below.

Code Response Description
200 OK Request was successful
400 Bad Request The client request was invalid
401 Unauthorized The API key or credentials were invalid
403 Forbidden The API key or credentials were valid, but access was not permitted
404 Not Found The resource was not found
405 Method Not Allowed The method is not supported by the API
409 Conflict Resource already exists
422 Validation Error Parameters sent in the request were invalid
429 Too Many Requests Too many requests were sent to the server
500 Server Error Server-side error (rare)

Extended Error Information

In addition to the HTTP response codes, a status code and message may also be passed in the JSON payload. Here's an example:

    "status_code": "403.000",
    "status_message": "Missing organization information for given Site API key."

Please keep in mind, not all errors will return this extended information, for example, error 429 (too many requests).

Validation Handling

The Netify API provides extended validation information in the response payload. When a validation error occurs (HTTP Response code 422), the status_fields object returns detailed validation information on each field.

    "status_code": "422.000",
    "status_message": "Validation error",
    "status_fields": {
        "uuid": "Agent UUID is invalid."
        "label": "Label must be more than 2 characters."

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