Authentication and Authorization

Though some of the Netify Informatics API endpoints are public, most require authentication and authorization. Generally, you will need two pieces of information to access the Netify Informatics API:

  • An API token or API key for authentication and authorization.
  • An asset key to identify the the data resource (e.g. site: Toronto main office).

Both of these pieces of information can be passed via the API HTTPS request header:

  • API key/token: x-api-key
  • Asset key: x-net-organization or x-net-site

Netify Informatics API Key

API Keys/Tokens

We offer two types of API access:

  • An account-level API token for accessing your own data
  • A vendor-level API key for accessing data via a central management system

Account API Token

The account-level API token provides developer access to your data. It's designed to let you kick the tires and provide a way to create a proof of concept. You can retrieve an API token via your Netify account:

  • Click on Account in the top menu
  • Click on Profile > API Access in the left menu

The token is valid for 14 days, but you can always retrieve a new token when you log into your account. Please contact us for other API token options.

Vendor API Key

For integrators who use Netify for internal products and centrally-managed systems, we also provide private data stores and API endpoints that can be access via a vendor API key. Please contact us for details.

Integration and Custom Solutions

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