Most applications are built on top of third party cloud computing infrastructure. Identifying the IP ranges used by hosting companies helps in recognizing potential threats. Cybersecurity teams can monitor and block suspicious traffic originating from known hosting networks, which are often used by attackers to launch DDoS attacks, host malicious content, or conduct other illicit activities.

Network Intelligence

The network data shown here is also available via the Netify Data Feed API. We provide network intelligence to help deliver better digital experiences to end users and businesses.

Netify Data Feeds

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting providers offer a range of services, including computing power, storage, databases, machine learning, and analytics. The top 20 or so providers are listed.

Alibaba Cloud - Logo Alibaba Cloud
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS
China Mobile - Logo China Mobile
China Telecom IDC - Logo China Telecom IDC
China Unicom - Logo China Unicom
Cogent - Logo Cogent
DataCamp - Logo DataCamp
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean
EdgeUno - Logo EdgeUno
Equinix - Logo Equinix
Gcore - Logo Gcore
Google Cloud Platform - Logo Google Cloud Platform
Hetzner - Logo Hetzner
Huawei Cloud - Logo Huawei Cloud
IBM Cloud - Logo IBM Cloud
Leaseweb - Logo Leaseweb
Linode - Logo Linode
Lumen - Logo Lumen
Microsoft Azure - Logo Microsoft Azure
OVHcloud - Logo OVHcloud
Oracle Cloud - Logo Oracle Cloud
Rackspace - Logo Rackspace
Tencent Cloud - Logo Tencent Cloud
Unitas Global - Logo Unitas Global
Vultr - Logo Vultr
Zenlayer - Logo Zenlayer

More Cloud Hosting

The following are also cloud hosting providers, but are less active in hosting mobile and web applications.

21Vianet Blue Cloud - Logo 21Vianet Blue Cloud
24 Shells - Logo 24 Shells
Anexia - Logo Anexia
Aofei - Logo Aofei
Aptum - Logo Aptum
Baidu AI Cloud - Logo Baidu AI Cloud
Clouvider - Logo Clouvider
FDC Servers - Logo FDC Servers
Flexential - Logo Flexential
Hurricane Electric - Logo Hurricane Electric
IOmart - Logo IOmart
Kaopu Cloud - Logo Kaopu Cloud
Kingsoft Cloud - Logo Kingsoft Cloud - Logo
Macquarie Telecom - Logo Macquarie Telecom
NetActuate - Logo NetActuate - Logo
Redcentric - Logo Redcentric
Scaleway - Logo Scaleway
StackPath - Logo StackPath
Switch - Logo Switch
Tata Communications - Logo Tata Communications
Vnetwork - Logo Vnetwork
Volcengine - Logo Volcengine
Whois Hosting - Logo Whois Hosting
Zayo - Logo Zayo - Logo

Website Hosting

Website hosting providers are primarily focused on providing easy-to-deploy websites. Domain names, e-mail addresses, and other business services are often included.

Bluehost - Logo Bluehost
DreamHost - Logo DreamHost
Flywheel Hosting - Logo Flywheel Hosting
GoDaddy - Logo GoDaddy
HostGator - Logo HostGator
Manitu Hosting - Logo Manitu Hosting
Netlify Hosting - Logo Netlify Hosting
Newfold - Logo Newfold
Pantheon - Logo Pantheon
Squarespace - Logo Squarespace
WP Engine - Logo WP Engine
Webflow - Logo Webflow
Weebly - Logo Weebly
Wix - Logo Wix
WordPress - Logo WordPress

Integration and Custom Solutions

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