Primary Categories

Primary Categories

The primary categories defined in the Netify ecosystem are defined in the table below. These categories are used for:

You can find the protocol categories here.

Category List

Name Tag ID
Adult adult 2
Advertiser advertiser 3
Arts and Entertainment entertainment 4
Business business 5
Career and Education education 6
Financial financial 9
File Sharing file-sharing 10
Games games 12
Government government 13
Mail mail 15
Malware malware 16
Messaging messaging 17
News news 18
Portal portal 19
Recreation recreation 20
Reference reference 21
Shopping shopping 23
Social Media social-media 24
Sports sports 26
Technology technology 27
VPN and Proxy vpn-and-proxy 28
Streaming Media streaming-media 29
Cybersecurity cybersecurity 30
OS/Software Updates os-software-updates 31
VoIP/Conferencing voip 32
Device/IoT device-iot 33
Remote Desktop remote-desktop 34
CDN cdn 35
Hosting hosting 36
ISP/Telco telco 37

Intelligent Detection

Netify's advanced application detection engine uses a number of different techniques to classify network traffic by application - Facebook, YouTube, iCloud, etc.

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