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Network Information

The following page provides details on network ranges, IPs, and points-of-presence (PoPs) on the Flo Networks Network.

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Flo Networks is a telecommunications service provider offering internet, phone, and network services. The company changed its name from Transtelco in 2022.

Category ISP/Telco
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Flo Networks is in the ISP/Telco category. This type of organization provides connectivity to other organizations, deploys infrastructure for partner edge CDN solutions, and offers local managed hosting.

Network Intelligence

The network data shown here is also available via the Netify Data Feed API. We provide network intelligence to help deliver better digital experiences to end users and businesses.

Netify Data Feeds

For real-time analysis, Netify also provides a deep packet inspection (DPI) engine that integrates with firewalls, quality-of-service (QoS) engines, and other network tools.

Netify DPI

IPv4 Network Ranges

  • and 521 more

IPv6 Network Ranges

  • 2001:1238::/32
  • 2604:d600:0:10::/63
  • 2604:d600:0:12::/64
  • 2604:d600:0:13::/64
  • and 2940 more
Network Ranges and Routes. The networks listed here are low-level detailed routes - either BGP or internal. See What Is BGP for technical details.


There is a single ASN associated with this network.

ASN AS32098
Organization Flo Networks (Transtelco)
Category ISP/Telco
What is an ASN? An Autonomous System Number (ASN) is a unique identifier assigned to a collection of IP networks managed by a company or organization.

Flo Networks - Network Map

Flo Networks - Global Points of Presence

North America

United States

Flo Networks - Available Countries

North America

Country Locations
United States 1
Mexico 5

Edge Caches for Flo Networks

Name IP Info Link
Akamai - Logo Akamai 211 IPs Edge CDN Info
Google Edge CDN - Logo Google Edge CDN 72 IPs Edge CDN Info
Meta CDN - Logo Meta CDN 45 IPs Edge CDN Info
Apple CDN - Logo Apple CDN 20 IPs Edge CDN Info
Netflix CDN - Logo Netflix CDN 14 IPs Edge CDN Info
Why Edge Caching?
Some Content delivery networks (CDNs) partner with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and network providers to get content delivery closer to customers. More Info.

Decentralized Apps

Name IP Info Link
Speedtest - Logo Speedtest 36 IPs App Info
Decentralized App?
Some applications, by their very nature, are distributed around various corners of the Internet. Examples: speedtest servers and voice-over-WiFi (3GPP).

Sample Edge Cache Applications

Name Category CDN  
Instagram - Logo Instagram Social Media Meta CDN - Logo Meta CDN App Info
Apple iTunes - Logo Apple iTunes Arts and Entertainment Apple CDN - Logo Apple CDN App Info
YouTube - Logo YouTube Streaming Media Google Edge CDN - Logo Google Edge CDN App Info
Apple Updates - Logo Apple Updates OS/Software Updates Apple CDN - Logo Apple CDN App Info
WhatsApp - Logo WhatsApp Messaging Meta CDN - Logo Meta CDN App Info
Netflix - Logo Netflix Streaming Media Netflix CDN - Logo Netflix CDN App Info
Intent IQ - Logo Intent IQ Advertiser Akamai - Logo Akamai App Info
Check Point - Logo Check Point Cybersecurity Akamai - Logo Akamai App Info
ABC News - Logo ABC News News Akamai - Logo Akamai App Info
Vivo - Logo Vivo Device/IoT Akamai - Logo Akamai App Info
... and 67 more

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