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Platform Information

Third party applications are hosted on Adobe Campaign. The following page provides information on the applications, networks and points-of-presence for providing the hosted service.


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Adobe Campaign is designed to help marketers plan, execute, and optimize personalized multi-channel advertising campaigns to engage with customers.

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Applications On Adobe Campaign

Name Category  
HeyTap - Logo HeyTap Advertiser App Info
Yahoo Ads - Logo Yahoo Ads Advertiser App Info
F-Secure - Logo F-Secure Cybersecurity App Info
GumGum - Logo GumGum Advertiser App Info
McAfee - Logo McAfee Cybersecurity App Info
Samsung Ads - Logo Samsung Ads Advertiser App Info
CleverTap - Logo CleverTap Advertiser App Info
Ring - Logo Ring Device/IoT App Info
Pusher - Logo Pusher Advertiser App Info
Tealium - Logo Tealium Advertiser App Info
Hotjar - Logo Hotjar Advertiser App Info
LG Smart TV - Logo LG Smart TV Device/IoT App Info
HP - Logo HP Device/IoT App Info
Samsung TV - Logo Samsung TV Device/IoT App Info
Sonos - Logo Sonos Device/IoT App Info
TuneIn - Logo TuneIn Streaming Media App Info
Nielsen Marketing - Logo Nielsen Marketing Advertiser App Info
Ubiquiti - Logo Ubiquiti Device/IoT App Info
OPPO - Logo OPPO Device/IoT App Info
Zillow - Logo Zillow Financial App Info
AdRoll - Logo AdRoll Advertiser App Info
Smaato - Logo Smaato Advertiser App Info
Autodesk - Logo Autodesk Business App Info
FIFA - Logo FIFA Sports App Info
Appcues - Logo Appcues Advertiser App Info
Audigent - Logo Audigent Advertiser App Info
Amazon - Logo Amazon Business App Info
Samsung Apps - Logo Samsung Apps OS/Software Updates App Info
Nvidia - Logo Nvidia Business App Info
Zendesk - Logo Zendesk Business App Info
Conviva - Logo Conviva Advertiser App Info
Salesforce - Logo Salesforce Advertiser App Info
Integral Ads - Logo Integral Ads Advertiser App Info
Adobe Ads - Logo Adobe Ads Advertiser App Info
Freewheel - Logo Freewheel Advertiser App Info
FNB - Logo FNB Financial App Info
Brightcove - Logo Brightcove Arts and Entertainment App Info
Amplitude - Logo Amplitude Advertiser App Info
Branch IO - Logo Branch IO Advertiser App Info
BBC - Logo BBC Arts and Entertainment App Info
Intuit - Logo Intuit Financial App Info
Microsoft - Logo Microsoft Business App Info
Samsung - Logo Samsung Device/IoT App Info
Firefox - Logo Firefox Business App Info
Braintree - Logo Braintree Financial App Info
Webroot - Logo Webroot Cybersecurity App Info
WP Engine - Logo WP Engine Hosting App Info
Bazaarvoice - Logo Bazaarvoice Advertiser App Info
SolarWinds - Logo SolarWinds Business App Info
Trend Micro - Logo Trend Micro Cybersecurity App Info
League of Legends - Logo League of Legends Games App Info
Tesla - Logo Tesla Business App Info
Kargo - Logo Kargo Advertiser App Info
The adjacent list of applications are hosted on Adobe Campaign.

Partner Networks Used By Adobe Campaign

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) India 43 IPs
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Singapore 263 IPs
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Australia 188 IPs
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Japan 11 IPs
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS Canada (Central) Canada 9 IPs
Microsoft Azure - Logo Microsoft Azure East US2 United States 6 IPs
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS Europe (Ireland) Ireland 1125 IPs
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS Europe (London) United Kingdom 3 IPs
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS US East (N. Virginia) United States 12 IPs
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS US West (Oregon) United States 653 IPs

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