Akamai - Platform Information

Platform Information

Third party applications are hosted on Akamai. The following page provides information on the applications, networks and points-of-presence for providing the hosted service.


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Akamai is a leading content delivery network (CDN) services provider for media and software delivery, and cloud security solutions.

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Platforms On Akamai

Name Category  
Alibaba CDN - Logo Alibaba CDN CDN Platform Info
Salesforce - Logo Salesforce Advertiser Platform Info
Adobe Ads - Logo Adobe Ads Advertiser Platform Info
Cheetah Digital - Logo Cheetah Digital Advertiser Platform Info
LivePerson - Logo LivePerson Business Platform Info
Electronic Arts - Logo Electronic Arts Games Platform Info
WB Discovery CDN - Logo WB Discovery CDN CDN Platform Info
Adobe Marketo - Logo Adobe Marketo Advertiser Platform Info
Cloudinary - Logo Cloudinary Hosting Platform Info
Email Studio - Logo Email Studio Advertiser Platform Info
LiveIntent - Logo LiveIntent Advertiser Platform Info
The adjacent list of platforms are deployed on Akamai.

Applications On Akamai

Name Category  
Wall Street Journal - Logo Wall Street Journal News App Info
Moat Ad Search - Logo Moat Ad Search Advertiser App Info
HeyTap - Logo HeyTap Advertiser App Info
TD - Logo TD Financial App Info
Slack - Logo Slack Business App Info
Inmar - Logo Inmar Advertiser App Info
Yahoo Ads - Logo Yahoo Ads Advertiser App Info
Momentive - Logo Momentive Advertiser App Info
Zynga - Logo Zynga Games App Info
F-Secure - Logo F-Secure Cybersecurity App Info
DirecTV - Logo DirecTV Arts and Entertainment App Info
Discover Card - Logo Discover Card Financial App Info
Shaw - Logo Shaw ISP/Telco App Info
Rapid7 - Logo Rapid7 Cybersecurity App Info
Cloudinary - Logo Cloudinary Hosting App Info
McAfee - Logo McAfee Cybersecurity App Info
Deezer - Logo Deezer Streaming Media App Info
Fedex - Logo Fedex Business App Info
JPMorgan Chase - Logo JPMorgan Chase Financial App Info
Xfinity - Logo Xfinity ISP/Telco App Info
IndiaTimes - Logo IndiaTimes Portal App Info
MLB - Logo MLB Sports App Info
Let's Encrypt - Logo Let's Encrypt Technology App Info
OP.GG - Logo OP.GG Games App Info
SAP - Logo SAP Business App Info
LINE - Logo LINE VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Optimizely - Logo Optimizely Advertiser App Info
Teads - Logo Teads Advertiser App Info
MIUI OS - Logo MIUI OS Device/IoT App Info
IMDb - Logo IMDb Arts and Entertainment App Info
Sony TV - Logo Sony TV Device/IoT App Info
Origin by EA - Logo Origin by EA Games App Info
TouTiao - Logo TouTiao Portal App Info
CNBC - Logo CNBC News App Info
Samsung Ads - Logo Samsung Ads Advertiser App Info
Walmart - Logo Walmart Shopping App Info
Lijit Popups - Logo Lijit Popups Malware App Info
Speedtest - Logo Speedtest Technology App Info
TransUnion - Logo TransUnion Financial App Info
OpenTable - Logo OpenTable Recreation App Info
Epic Games - Logo Epic Games Games App Info
MSN - Logo MSN Portal App Info
Sophos - Logo Sophos Cybersecurity App Info
Pinterest - Logo Pinterest Social Media App Info
Riot Games - Logo Riot Games Games App Info
SpamCop - Logo SpamCop Cybersecurity App Info
TikTok - Logo TikTok Social Media App Info
ESPN - Logo ESPN Sports App Info
DoubleVerify - Logo DoubleVerify Advertiser App Info
Freelancer - Logo Freelancer Career and Education App Info
Constant Contact - Logo Constant Contact Advertiser App Info
Etsy - Logo Etsy Shopping App Info
WalkMe - Logo WalkMe Advertiser App Info
VirtualBox - Logo VirtualBox OS/Software Updates App Info
ServiceNow - Logo ServiceNow Business App Info
Xiaomi - Logo Xiaomi Device/IoT App Info
Rockstar Games - Logo Rockstar Games Games App Info
Washington Post - Logo Washington Post News App Info
Microsoft Outlook - Logo Microsoft Outlook Mail App Info
Sony - Logo Sony Business App Info
T-Mobile - Logo T-Mobile ISP/Telco App Info
Skype - Logo Skype VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Daily Mail - Logo Daily Mail News App Info
Xaxis - Logo Xaxis Advertiser App Info
IRS - Logo IRS Government App Info
U.S. Military - Logo U.S. Military Government App Info
GMX - Logo GMX Mail App Info
UDN - Logo UDN News App Info
Government of Australia - Logo Government of Australia Government App Info
Tealium - Logo Tealium Advertiser App Info
Wondershare - Logo Wondershare Business App Info
Intel - Logo Intel Business App Info
iQiyi - Logo iQiyi Streaming Media App Info
Lenovo - Logo Lenovo Device/IoT App Info
LastPass - Logo LastPass Business App Info
ShareThis - Logo ShareThis Advertiser App Info
Fiserv - Logo Fiserv Financial App Info
Clash of Clans - Logo Clash of Clans Games App Info
HBO - Logo HBO Streaming Media App Info
Fortinet - Logo Fortinet Cybersecurity App Info
Qualtrics - Logo Qualtrics Advertiser App Info
Douyin - Logo Douyin Social Media App Info
LG Smart TV - Logo LG Smart TV Device/IoT App Info
Merkle Marketing - Logo Merkle Marketing Advertiser App Info
Secom Trust - Logo Secom Trust Cybersecurity App Info
OpenWeb - Logo OpenWeb Advertiser App Info
Vimeo - Logo Vimeo Streaming Media App Info
The Times of India - Logo The Times of India News App Info
Netgear - Logo Netgear Device/IoT App Info
Honeywell - Logo Honeywell Device/IoT App Info
Hulu - Logo Hulu Streaming Media App Info
Weather Underground - Logo Weather Underground News App Info
Microsoft Teams - Logo Microsoft Teams Business App Info
DAZN - Logo DAZN Sports App Info
Vrbo - Logo Vrbo Recreation App Info
Forbes - Logo Forbes News App Info
Opera - Logo Opera Business App Info
CNN - Logo CNN News App Info
Clash Royale - Logo Clash Royale Games App Info
Wistia - Logo Wistia Advertiser App Info
Sky - Logo Sky ISP/Telco App Info
GoTo - Logo GoTo Business App Info
Innovid - Logo Innovid Advertiser App Info
Media.net - Logo Media.net Advertiser App Info
Mailchimp - Logo Mailchimp Mail App Info
SiriusXM - Logo SiriusXM Arts and Entertainment App Info
TeamSnap - Logo TeamSnap Sports App Info
Siemens - Logo Siemens Business App Info
Target - Logo Target Shopping App Info
HP - Logo HP Device/IoT App Info
Flashtalking - Logo Flashtalking Advertiser App Info
Sonos - Logo Sonos Device/IoT App Info
Xbox Live - Logo Xbox Live Games App Info
SurfEasy - Logo SurfEasy VPN and Proxy App Info
CTV - Logo CTV Arts and Entertainment App Info
ROBLOX - Logo ROBLOX Games App Info
MediaMath - Logo MediaMath Advertiser App Info
Crownpeak - Logo Crownpeak Advertiser App Info
Jingdong - Logo Jingdong Shopping App Info
Microsoft Games - Logo Microsoft Games Games App Info
LiveIntent - Logo LiveIntent Advertiser App Info
OCS - Logo OCS Streaming Media App Info
Corel - Logo Corel Business App Info
Datto - Logo Datto Business App Info
Cisco Meraki - Logo Cisco Meraki Device/IoT App Info
NetSuite - Logo NetSuite Business App Info
NBC News - Logo NBC News News App Info
Xero - Logo Xero Financial App Info
Linode - Logo Linode Hosting App Info
IKEA - Logo IKEA Shopping App Info
The Weather Channel - Logo The Weather Channel News App Info
NPR - Logo NPR Arts and Entertainment App Info
Canadian Tire - Logo Canadian Tire Shopping App Info
Okta - Logo Okta Cybersecurity App Info
Polycom - Logo Polycom Device/IoT App Info
MakerBot - Logo MakerBot Business App Info
Symantec - Logo Symantec Cybersecurity App Info
GoDaddy - Logo GoDaddy Hosting App Info
Crestron - Logo Crestron Device/IoT App Info
Philips - Logo Philips Device/IoT App Info
UK Government - Logo UK Government Government App Info
OPPO - Logo OPPO Device/IoT App Info
NHL by EA - Logo NHL by EA Games App Info
Wells Fargo - Logo Wells Fargo Financial App Info
FIFA by EA - Logo FIFA by EA Games App Info
Evernote - Logo Evernote Business App Info
HSBC - Logo HSBC Financial App Info
News Corp - Logo News Corp Business App Info
Kohl's - Logo Kohl's Shopping App Info
Call of Duty - Logo Call of Duty Games App Info
Crate and Barrel - Logo Crate and Barrel Shopping App Info
Splunk - Logo Splunk Business App Info
Verizon Wireless - Logo Verizon Wireless ISP/Telco App Info
Bose - Logo Bose Device/IoT App Info
CrowdStrike - Logo CrowdStrike Cybersecurity App Info
Fox Corporation - Logo Fox Corporation Arts and Entertainment App Info
Peacock TV - Logo Peacock TV Streaming Media App Info
Yieldmo - Logo Yieldmo Advertiser App Info
Apple TV - Logo Apple TV Streaming Media App Info
Macy's - Logo Macy's Shopping App Info
Rakuten - Logo Rakuten Shopping App Info
UC Browser - Logo UC Browser Business App Info
Airbnb - Logo Airbnb Recreation App Info
AppDynamics - Logo AppDynamics Business App Info
Autodesk - Logo Autodesk Business App Info
AdColony - Logo AdColony Advertiser App Info
AccuWeather - Logo AccuWeather News App Info
WatchGuard - Logo WatchGuard Cybersecurity App Info
LG - Logo LG Business App Info
AT&T - Logo AT&T ISP/Telco App Info
NBA - Logo NBA Sports App Info
Kwai - Logo Kwai Social Media App Info
Tubi - Logo Tubi Streaming Media App Info
AAX.media - Logo AAX.media Advertiser App Info
Marriott - Logo Marriott Recreation App Info
FIFA - Logo FIFA Sports App Info
Expedia - Logo Expedia Recreation App Info
Vudu - Logo Vudu Streaming Media App Info
Air Canada - Logo Air Canada Business App Info
Cox - Logo Cox ISP/Telco App Info
Tencent QQ - Logo Tencent QQ Messaging App Info
HMA - Logo HMA VPN and Proxy App Info
Alibaba - Logo Alibaba Shopping App Info
Xbox - Logo Xbox Games App Info
Aniview - Logo Aniview Advertiser App Info
Government of Canada - Logo Government of Canada Government App Info
Arlo - Logo Arlo Device/IoT App Info
Amazon - Logo Amazon Business App Info
Vungle - Logo Vungle Advertiser App Info
Wish - Logo Wish Shopping App Info
Weibo - Logo Weibo Social Media App Info
Disney - Logo Disney Arts and Entertainment App Info
Bell Media - Logo Bell Media Arts and Entertainment App Info
Gracenote - Logo Gracenote Arts and Entertainment App Info
Visual Studio - Logo Visual Studio Business App Info
Disney Plus - Logo Disney Plus Streaming Media App Info
Dailymotion - Logo Dailymotion Streaming Media App Info
Airship - Logo Airship Advertiser App Info
Samsung Apps - Logo Samsung Apps OS/Software Updates App Info
Aruba - Logo Aruba Device/IoT App Info
BNP Paribas - Logo BNP Paribas Financial App Info
AVG Antivirus - Logo AVG Antivirus Cybersecurity App Info
EY - Logo EY Financial App Info
Emirates - Logo Emirates Business App Info
Nokia - Logo Nokia Business App Info
Xerox - Logo Xerox Device/IoT App Info
DocuSign - Logo DocuSign Business App Info
Baidu - Logo Baidu Portal App Info
Oracle Advertising - Logo Oracle Advertising Advertiser App Info
IBM Cloud - Logo IBM Cloud Hosting App Info
Gameloft - Logo Gameloft Games App Info
Ubisoft - Logo Ubisoft Games App Info
LogMeIn - Logo LogMeIn Remote Desktop App Info
Ricoh - Logo Ricoh Business App Info
Check Point - Logo Check Point Cybersecurity App Info
Smart AdServer - Logo Smart AdServer Advertiser App Info
Medallia - Logo Medallia Advertiser App Info
Minecraft - Logo Minecraft Games App Info
Nvidia - Logo Nvidia Business App Info
Salesforce - Logo Salesforce Advertiser App Info
Cheetah Digital - Logo Cheetah Digital Advertiser App Info
LivePerson - Logo LivePerson Business App Info
King Games - Logo King Games Games App Info
Electronic Arts - Logo Electronic Arts Games App Info
Adform - Logo Adform Advertiser App Info
Booyah Advertising - Logo Booyah Advertising Advertiser App Info
IHS Markit - Logo IHS Markit Financial App Info
Kakao Corporation - Logo Kakao Corporation Business App Info
Lazada - Logo Lazada Shopping App Info
Alibaba CDN - Logo Alibaba CDN CDN App Info
Squarespace - Logo Squarespace Hosting App Info
Adobe Ads - Logo Adobe Ads Advertiser App Info
UPS - Logo UPS Business App Info
CommBank - Logo CommBank Financial App Info
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada ISP/Telco App Info
Box - Logo Box File Sharing App Info
Big Fish Games - Logo Big Fish Games Games App Info
Comcast - Logo Comcast Arts and Entertainment App Info
Freewheel - Logo Freewheel Advertiser App Info
Citrix - Logo Citrix Business App Info
Capital One - Logo Capital One Financial App Info
Palo Alto Networks - Logo Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity App Info
Home Depot - Logo Home Depot Shopping App Info
Citi - Logo Citi Financial App Info
Mitsubishi Electric - Logo Mitsubishi Electric Device/IoT App Info
Atlassian - Logo Atlassian Technology App Info
Amobee - Logo Amobee Advertiser App Info
Akamai mPulse - Logo Akamai mPulse Advertiser App Info
Ticketmaster - Logo Ticketmaster Shopping App Info
Stan Video - Logo Stan Video Streaming Media App Info
Fox News - Logo Fox News Arts and Entertainment App Info
Fast - Logo Fast Technology App Info
Brightcove - Logo Brightcove Arts and Entertainment App Info
The Economist - Logo The Economist News App Info
Nuance - Logo Nuance Business App Info
2K Gaming - Logo 2K Gaming Games App Info
6sense - Logo 6sense Advertiser App Info
Brother - Logo Brother Device/IoT App Info
Paramount Plus - Logo Paramount Plus Streaming Media App Info
Banamex - Logo Banamex Financial App Info
Belkin - Logo Belkin Device/IoT App Info
Alipay - Logo Alipay Financial App Info
Viber - Logo Viber VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Der Spiegel - Logo Der Spiegel News App Info
Apple ID - Logo Apple ID Business App Info
LinkedIn - Logo LinkedIn Social Media App Info
BenQ - Logo BenQ Device/IoT App Info
Bing Maps - Logo Bing Maps Reference App Info
BT - Logo BT ISP/Telco App Info
Daum - Logo Daum Portal App Info
United Airlines - Logo United Airlines Business App Info
Canadian Tire Bank - Logo Canadian Tire Bank Financial App Info
Activision Blizzard - Logo Activision Blizzard Games App Info
MySQL - Logo MySQL Technology App Info
Take-Two Interactive - Logo Take-Two Interactive Games App Info
Playrix - Logo Playrix Games App Info
American Airlines - Logo American Airlines Business App Info
Avira - Logo Avira Cybersecurity App Info
BBC - Logo BBC Arts and Entertainment App Info
ABC News - Logo ABC News News App Info
APNIC - Logo APNIC Technology App Info
AliExpress - Logo AliExpress Shopping App Info
Adblock Plus - Logo Adblock Plus Cybersecurity App Info
Bank of America - Logo Bank of America Financial App Info
Adobe Sign - Logo Adobe Sign Business App Info
Epsilon - Logo Epsilon Advertiser App Info
ABC Australia - Logo ABC Australia Arts and Entertainment App Info
ByteDance - Logo ByteDance Arts and Entertainment App Info
CBS - Logo CBS Arts and Entertainment App Info
Intuit - Logo Intuit Financial App Info
Crave - Logo Crave Streaming Media App Info
Cisco - Logo Cisco Device/IoT App Info
CBC - Logo CBC Arts and Entertainment App Info
BuzzFeed - Logo BuzzFeed Arts and Entertainment App Info
Epson - Logo Epson Device/IoT App Info
AppsFlyer - Logo AppsFlyer Advertiser App Info
Blizzard Entertainment - Logo Blizzard Entertainment Games App Info
Barclays - Logo Barclays Financial App Info
Cisco Umbrella - Logo Cisco Umbrella Cybersecurity App Info
Bluestacks - Logo Bluestacks Games App Info
NFL - Logo NFL Sports App Info
BMO - Logo BMO Financial App Info
Lloyds Bank - Logo Lloyds Bank Financial App Info
Bidtellect - Logo Bidtellect Advertiser App Info
Tripadvisor - Logo Tripadvisor Recreation App Info
Bloomberg - Logo Bloomberg News App Info
Mastercard - Logo Mastercard Financial App Info
Blue Jeans - Logo Blue Jeans VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Spotify - Logo Spotify Streaming Media App Info
Lululemon - Logo Lululemon Shopping App Info
ESET - Logo ESET Cybersecurity App Info
Microsoft - Logo Microsoft Business App Info
Outbrain - Logo Outbrain Advertiser App Info
Magnite - Logo Magnite Advertiser App Info
Microsoft SharePoint - Logo Microsoft SharePoint Business App Info
ConnectWise - Logo ConnectWise Business App Info
Microsoft Office - Logo Microsoft Office Business App Info
Shopee - Logo Shopee Shopping App Info
Microsoft OneDrive - Logo Microsoft OneDrive File Sharing App Info
Samsung - Logo Samsung Device/IoT App Info
Windows Update - Logo Windows Update OS/Software Updates App Info
Vivo - Logo Vivo Device/IoT App Info
Taboola - Logo Taboola Advertiser App Info
Apple iCloud - Logo Apple iCloud File Sharing App Info
Apple Push - Logo Apple Push Messaging App Info
Grammarly - Logo Grammarly Career and Education App Info
National Australia Bank - Logo National Australia Bank Financial App Info
Ford - Logo Ford Business App Info
Apple iTunes - Logo Apple iTunes Arts and Entertainment App Info
Avast - Logo Avast Cybersecurity App Info
AppNexus - Logo AppNexus Advertiser App Info
Windows - Logo Windows OS/Software Updates App Info
Apple - Logo Apple Business App Info
Microsoft Auth - Logo Microsoft Auth Business App Info
Bing - Logo Bing Portal App Info
Homeland Security - Logo Homeland Security Government App Info
Entrust - Logo Entrust Cybersecurity App Info
AMD - Logo AMD Business App Info
Index Exchange - Logo Index Exchange Advertiser App Info
Bazaarvoice - Logo Bazaarvoice Advertiser App Info
RIPE Atlas - Logo RIPE Atlas Technology App Info
Dell - Logo Dell Device/IoT App Info
Paytm - Logo Paytm Financial App Info
Tableau - Logo Tableau Business App Info
Digital Turbine - Logo Digital Turbine Advertiser App Info
Telcel - Logo Telcel ISP/Telco App Info
Airtel - Logo Airtel ISP/Telco App Info
Unity - Logo Unity Business App Info
3M Company - Logo 3M Company Business App Info
Equinix - Logo Equinix Hosting App Info
Banco Santander - Logo Banco Santander Financial App Info
Airbus - Logo Airbus Business App Info
Dow Jones - Logo Dow Jones Business App Info
iCloud Private Relay - Logo iCloud Private Relay VPN and Proxy App Info
Supership - Logo Supership Advertiser App Info
Authorize.net - Logo Authorize.net Financial App Info
Yahoo - Logo Yahoo Portal App Info
Amazon Advertising - Logo Amazon Advertising Advertiser App Info
Aqfer - Logo Aqfer Advertiser App Info
Netflix - Logo Netflix Streaming Media App Info
Webex - Logo Webex VoIP/Conferencing App Info
PubMatic - Logo PubMatic Advertiser App Info
NHL - Logo NHL Sports App Info
Nintendo - Logo Nintendo Games App Info
Adobe - Logo Adobe Business App Info
The Globe and Mail - Logo The Globe and Mail News App Info
Verisign - Logo Verisign Cybersecurity App Info
Cigna - Logo Cigna Financial App Info
Conversant Media - Logo Conversant Media Advertiser App Info
DigiCert - Logo DigiCert Cybersecurity App Info
PayPal - Logo PayPal Financial App Info
Playstation - Logo Playstation Games App Info
Kroger - Logo Kroger Shopping App Info
Best Buy - Logo Best Buy Shopping App Info
RBC Royal Bank - Logo RBC Royal Bank Financial App Info
Canon - Logo Canon Device/IoT App Info
Absa - Logo Absa Financial App Info
iHeartRadio - Logo iHeartRadio Streaming Media App Info
Juniper Networks - Logo Juniper Networks Device/IoT App Info
Rogers - Logo Rogers ISP/Telco App Info
Huawei - Logo Huawei Device/IoT App Info
ANZ - Logo ANZ Financial App Info
Sina - Logo Sina Portal App Info
American Express - Logo American Express Financial App Info
Costco - Logo Costco Shopping App Info
Workspace ONE - Logo Workspace ONE Business App Info
Trend Micro - Logo Trend Micro Cybersecurity App Info
Betway - Logo Betway Arts and Entertainment App Info
Fitbit - Logo Fitbit Recreation App Info
Agoda - Logo Agoda Recreation App Info
Fox - Logo Fox Arts and Entertainment App Info
Extole - Logo Extole Advertiser App Info
GOG.com - Logo GOG.com Games App Info
Volvo - Logo Volvo Business App Info
CIBC - Logo CIBC Financial App Info
Gaana - Logo Gaana Streaming Media App Info
Gumtree - Logo Gumtree Shopping App Info
Anthem - Logo Anthem Financial App Info
Valve - Logo Valve Games App Info
Red Hat - Logo Red Hat OS/Software Updates App Info
League of Legends - Logo League of Legends Games App Info
Avis - Logo Avis Business App Info
Steam - Logo Steam Games App Info
Paylocity - Logo Paylocity Business App Info
Start IO - Logo Start IO Advertiser App Info
August Home - Logo August Home Device/IoT App Info
HackerRank - Logo HackerRank Career and Education App Info
Qatar Airways - Logo Qatar Airways Business App Info
TIDAL - Logo TIDAL Streaming Media App Info
Valorant - Logo Valorant Games App Info
Rackspace - Logo Rackspace Hosting App Info
Schwab - Logo Schwab Financial App Info
Twitch - Logo Twitch Streaming Media App Info
Pitney Bowes - Logo Pitney Bowes Business App Info
IBM - Logo IBM Business App Info
Tesla - Logo Tesla Business App Info
BigCommerce - Logo BigCommerce Shopping App Info
New York Post - Logo New York Post News App Info
Trustwave - Logo Trustwave Cybersecurity App Info
Kaltura - Logo Kaltura Streaming Media App Info
WB Discovery - Logo WB Discovery Arts and Entertainment App Info
Delta - Logo Delta Business App Info
UBS - Logo UBS Financial App Info
eBay - Logo eBay Shopping App Info
NCAA - Logo NCAA Sports App Info
NIH - Logo NIH Government App Info
WB Discovery CDN - Logo WB Discovery CDN CDN App Info
PT Telkom Indonesia - Logo PT Telkom Indonesia ISP/Telco App Info
Qualcomm - Logo Qualcomm Business App Info
Vanity Fair - Logo Vanity Fair Arts and Entertainment App Info
HuffPost - Logo HuffPost News App Info
Experian - Logo Experian Financial App Info
Nike - Logo Nike Shopping App Info
Spectrum - Logo Spectrum ISP/Telco App Info
Toyota - Logo Toyota Business App Info
Banorte - Logo Banorte Financial App Info
Bed Bath and Beyond - Logo Bed Bath and Beyond Shopping App Info
Three - Logo Three ISP/Telco App Info
BrightLine - Logo BrightLine Advertiser App Info
CCleaner - Logo CCleaner Cybersecurity App Info
Twitter - Logo Twitter Social Media App Info
Pluto TV - Logo Pluto TV Streaming Media App Info
Sky News - Logo Sky News News App Info
Ecobee - Logo Ecobee Device/IoT App Info
Ariba - Logo Ariba Business App Info
Kargo - Logo Kargo Advertiser App Info
Pangle - Logo Pangle Advertiser App Info
Khoros - Logo Khoros Advertiser App Info
Lark - Logo Lark Business App Info
Now TV - Logo Now TV Streaming Media App Info
BytePlus - Logo BytePlus Hosting App Info
Mercedes-Benz - Logo Mercedes-Benz Business App Info
SoftBank - Logo SoftBank Business App Info
Feishu - Logo Feishu Business App Info
Broadcom - Logo Broadcom Business App Info
Java - Logo Java Technology App Info
Moneris - Logo Moneris Financial App Info
Apple Updates - Logo Apple Updates OS/Software Updates App Info
Acronis - Logo Acronis Cybersecurity App Info
illumin - Logo illumin Advertiser App Info
Intent IQ - Logo Intent IQ Advertiser App Info
WebMD - Logo WebMD Reference App Info
IdenTrust - Logo IdenTrust Cybersecurity App Info
Appier - Logo Appier Advertiser App Info
Singular - Logo Singular Advertiser App Info
Avaya - Logo Avaya Business App Info
Qualys - Logo Qualys Cybersecurity App Info
Ceridian - Logo Ceridian Career and Education App Info
Adobe EM - Logo Adobe EM Advertiser App Info
Zalando - Logo Zalando Shopping App Info
Adobe Marketo - Logo Adobe Marketo Advertiser App Info
Email Studio - Logo Email Studio Advertiser App Info
WinZip - Logo WinZip Business App Info
Oracle Taleo - Logo Oracle Taleo Career and Education App Info
Coupang - Logo Coupang Shopping App Info
Blackbaud - Logo Blackbaud Financial App Info
Scotiabank - Logo Scotiabank Financial App Info
Geico - Logo Geico Financial App Info
RingCentral - Logo RingCentral VoIP/Conferencing App Info
NBCUniversal - Logo NBCUniversal Arts and Entertainment App Info
ClickDimensions - Logo ClickDimensions Advertiser App Info
VMware - Logo VMware OS/Software Updates App Info
Panda Security - Logo Panda Security Cybersecurity App Info
ADman Media - Logo ADman Media Advertiser App Info
ADP - Logo ADP Financial App Info
Fidelity - Logo Fidelity Financial App Info
Norton - Logo Norton Cybersecurity App Info
Navy Federal - Logo Navy Federal Financial App Info
The adjacent list of applications are hosted on Akamai.

Internal Networks Deployed By Akamai

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
Akamai - Logo Akamai Adelaide Australia 12736 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Ahmedabad India 305 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Alexandria Egypt 2 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Ambala India 128 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Amsterdam Netherlands 19865 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Ancol Indonesia 526 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Anycast - 4388 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Arica Chile 10 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Ashburn United States 134082 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Athens Greece 2008 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Atlanta United States 48292 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Auckland New Zealand 7298 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Bangalore India 22951 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Bangkok Thailand 2610 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Banjarmasin Indonesia 14 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Barcelona Spain 1056 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Batam Indonesia 535 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Bekasi Indonesia 1268 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Bellville South Africa 422 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Berlin Germany 5889 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Bhopal India 523 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Bhubaneshwar India 192 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Bogota Colombia 15369 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Boston United States 29515 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Brasilia Brazil 1621 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Brasov Romania 1 IP
Akamai - Logo Akamai Brisbane Australia 35597 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Brussels Belgium 4748 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Bucharest Romania 2901 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Buenos Aires Argentina 21241 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Calverley United Kingdom 256 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Cancun Mexico 2 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Cape Town South Africa 1717 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Centurion South Africa 244 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Chachoengsao Thailand 309 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Chennai India 28152 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Chicago United States 132933 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Cleveland United States 4216 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Coimbatore India 128 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Copenhagen Denmark 8586 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Core Network - 1150382 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Curitiba Brazil 2281 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Cyberjaya Malaysia 3928 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Dallas United States 76068 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Dar es Salaam Tanzania 256 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Doha Qatar 4 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Don Mills Canada 498 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Dubai United Arab Emirates 1616 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Dublin Ireland 5247 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Durban South Africa 256 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Dusseldorf Germany 21715 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Edmonton Canada 757 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai El Segundo United States 75376 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Etobicoke Canada 754 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Fortaleza Brazil 4410 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Frankfurt Germany 52772 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Fujairah United Arab Emirates 2108 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Geneva Switzerland 256 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Glattbrugg Switzerland 9286 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Guadalajara Mexico 1807 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Guatemala City Guatemala 502 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Guayaquil Ecuador 755 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Haarlem Netherlands 11595 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Hamburg Germany 5391 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Hanoi Vietnam 1548 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Helsinki Finland 3216 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Hermosillo Mexico 764 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 515 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Hong Kong Hong Kong 61155 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Honolulu United States 1037 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Houston United States 14439 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Hyderabad India 3300 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Irving United States 52615 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Isando South Africa 21126 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Istanbul Turkey 6419 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Jakarta Indonesia 13390 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Jammu India 256 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Jeddah Saudi Arabia 19 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Johannesburg South Africa 10725 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Kansas City United States 289 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Kiev Ukraine 513 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Kolkata India 4195 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Kowloon Hong Kong 510 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 15001 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Kuala Selangor Malaysia 203 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Las Vegas United States 11277 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Liljeholmen Sweden 1544 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Lima Peru 7 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Lisbon Portugal 3478 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Lithia Springs United States 24443 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai London United Kingdom 132242 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Los Angeles United States 92178 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Lucknow India 64 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Madrid Spain 33589 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Manaus Brazil 256 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Manchester United Kingdom 11166 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Marietta United States 27730 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Marseille France 7282 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai McAllen United States 2409 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Melbourne Australia 29247 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Mexico City Mexico 26445 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Miami United States 96007 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Milano Italy 63951 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Minneapolis United States 21073 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Mississauga Canada 1010 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Mombasa Kenya 756 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Monterrey Mexico 775 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Montevideo Uruguay 8 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Montgomery United States 256 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Montreal Canada 16834 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Moscow Russian Federation 3588 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Mount Prospect United States 74013 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Mumbai India 39414 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Munich Germany 14222 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Nagpur India 2126 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai New Delhi India 19535 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai New York United States 47738 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Newark United States 7278 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Nizhniy Novgorod Russian Federation 256 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Nonthaburi Thailand 1559 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Norfolk United States 256 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Omaha United States 258 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Osaka Japan 11443 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Oslo Norway 3992 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Pak Kret Thailand 12182 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Palermo Italy 7182 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Paris France 52216 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Perth Australia 20966 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Philadelphia United States 20274 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Piscataway United States 98313 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Pittsburgh United States 4210 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Porto Alegre Brazil 13398 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Prague Czech Republic 5169 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Pune India 964 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Queretaro Mexico 25231 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Quito Ecuador 1698 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Rancho Cordova United States 512 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Randburg South Africa 756 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Recife Brazil 97 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Richardson United States 512 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Richmond Hill Canada 8505 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Riga Latvia 259 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Rio de Janeiro Brazil 33034 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Riyadh Saudi Arabia 18 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Rome Italy 8677 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Saint Petersburg Russian Federation 1280 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai San Diego United States 256 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai San Jose United States 61585 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Santa Clara United States 78498 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Santiago Chile 9685 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Sao Paulo Brazil 48871 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Schiphol Netherlands 32172 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Seattle United States 83289 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Secaucus United States 56176 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Seongnam South Korea 15 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Seoul South Korea 3979 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Singapore Singapore 40607 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Slough United Kingdom 14475 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Sofia Bulgaria 730 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Somerset United States 768 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Southfield United States 1929 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Sterling United States 17405 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Stockholm Sweden 26437 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Sunshine Coast Australia 1023 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Surabaya Indonesia 6930 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Sydney Australia 84905 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai T'ai-pei Taiwan 8204 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Tel Aviv Israel 284 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Tempe United States 4266 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Tokyo Japan 50068 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Toronto Canada 70071 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Vancouver Canada 19619 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Vienna Austria 15188 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Warsaw Poland 13832 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai White Plains United States 512 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Yangon Myanmar 258 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Yerevan Armenia 246 IPs
Akamai - Logo Akamai Zurich Switzerland 19 IPs

Partner Networks Used By Akamai

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
du Emirates - Logo du Emirates Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 55 IPs
Telstra - Logo Telstra Adelaide Australia 30 IPs
TPG Telecom - Logo TPG Telecom Adelaide Australia 336 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio Ahmedabad India 128 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Arica Chile 95 IPs
Xfinity - Logo Xfinity Ashburn United States 54 IPs
Sparkle - Logo Sparkle Athens Greece 92 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Athens Greece 149 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Auckland New Zealand 168 IPs
Vocus - Logo Vocus Auckland New Zealand 199 IPs
Spark - Logo Spark Auckland New Zealand 154 IPs
AIS - Logo AIS Bangkok Thailand 117 IPs
PT Telkom Indonesia - Logo PT Telkom Indonesia Banjarmasin Indonesia 158 IPs
Eastlink - Logo Eastlink Barrie Canada 60 IPs
PT Telkom Indonesia - Logo PT Telkom Indonesia Batam Indonesia 411 IPs
BT - Logo BT Belfast United Kingdom 32 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Belo Horizonte Brazil 160 IPs
Claro - Logo Claro Belo Horizonte Brazil 93 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Bengaluru India 20 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio Bhubaneshwar India 120 IPs
Virgin Media - Logo Virgin Media Birmingham United Kingdom 308 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Birmingham United Kingdom 110 IPs
BT - Logo BT Birmingham United Kingdom 390 IPs
Sky - Logo Sky Birmingham United Kingdom 172 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Bogota Colombia 99 IPs
Telmex - Logo Telmex Bogota Colombia 153 IPs
Claro - Logo Claro Brasilia Brazil 115 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Brasilia Brazil 25 IPs
Orange - Logo Orange Brasov Romania 107 IPs
TPG Telecom - Logo TPG Telecom Brisbane Australia 552 IPs
Telstra - Logo Telstra Brisbane Australia 213 IPs
Aussie Broadband - Logo Aussie Broadband Brisbane Australia 64 IPs
Vocus - Logo Vocus Brisbane Australia 73 IPs
BT - Logo BT Bristol United Kingdom 60 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Bristol United Kingdom 71 IPs
Scaleway - Logo Scaleway Bucharest Romania 13 IPs
Orange - Logo Orange Bucharest Romania 72 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Buenos Aires Argentina 226 IPs
Cogeco - Logo Cogeco Burlington Canada 128 IPs
Telus - Logo Telus Calgary Canada 184 IPs
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada Calgary Canada 146 IPs
Shaw - Logo Shaw Calgary Canada 232 IPs
TPG Telecom - Logo TPG Telecom Canberra Australia 56 IPs
Vodacom - Logo Vodacom Cape Town South Africa 20 IPs
Sky - Logo Sky Cardiff United Kingdom 60 IPs
AIS - Logo AIS Chachoengsao Thailand 199 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio Chennai India 256 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Chennai India 369 IPs
Vocus - Logo Vocus Christchurch New Zealand 53 IPs
Seacom - Logo Seacom Core Network - 39 IPs
Mercury - Logo Mercury Core Network - 54 IPs
Arelion - Logo Arelion Core Network - 1918 IPs
VNPT - Logo VNPT Core Network - 322 IPs
Sky - Logo Sky Core Network - 784 IPs
Rogers - Logo Rogers Core Network - 227 IPs
Telstra - Logo Telstra Core Network - 511 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Core Network - 1020 IPs
Telus - Logo Telus Core Network - 84 IPs
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada Core Network - 349 IPs
China Mobile - Logo China Mobile Core Network - 129 IPs
Orange - Logo Orange Core Network - 56 IPs
Samsung SDS - Logo Samsung SDS Core Network - 81 IPs
Taiwan Mobile - Logo Taiwan Mobile Core Network - 254 IPs
Microsoft - Logo Microsoft Core Network - 133 IPs
Chunghwa Telecom - Logo Chunghwa Telecom Core Network - 557 IPs
Verizon - Logo Verizon Core Network - 1 IP
Tata Communications - Logo Tata Communications Core Network - 16 IPs
Cox - Logo Cox Core Network - 217 IPs
Airtel - Logo Airtel Core Network - 1363 IPs
BT - Logo BT Core Network - 689 IPs
Dimension Data - Logo Dimension Data Core Network - 155 IPs
LG Uplus - Logo LG Uplus Core Network - 37 IPs
Sparkle - Logo Sparkle Core Network - 527 IPs
Fastweb - Logo Fastweb Core Network - 681 IPs
Zayo - Logo Zayo Core Network - 37 IPs
NTT - Logo NTT Core Network - 331 IPs
PLDT - Logo PLDT Core Network - 17958 IPs
Claro - Logo Claro Core Network - 627 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio Core Network - 2776 IPs
TPG Telecom - Logo TPG Telecom Core Network - 40 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Core Network - 589 IPs
M247 - Logo M247 Core Network - 21 IPs
Vocus - Logo Vocus Core Network - 616 IPs
Telmex - Logo Telmex Core Network - 694 IPs
Vodacom - Logo Vodacom Core Network - 56 IPs
3BB - Logo 3BB Core Network - 172 IPs
PT Telkom Indonesia - Logo PT Telkom Indonesia Core Network - 1529 IPs
FPT Group - Logo FPT Group Core Network - 704 IPs
Virgin Media - Logo Virgin Media Core Network - 708 IPs
Swisscom - Logo Swisscom Core Network - 503 IPs
EBOX - Logo EBOX Core Network - 14 IPs
KT - Logo KT Core Network - 4 IPs
Scaleway - Logo Scaleway Core Network - 4 IPs
Zen - Logo Zen Core Network - 72 IPs
2degrees - Logo 2degrees Core Network - 30 IPs
So-net - Logo So-net Core Network - 8 IPs
Claro - Logo Claro Curitiba Brazil 154 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Curitiba Brazil 188 IPs
ViaSat - Logo ViaSat Denver United States 12 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Doha Qatar 19 IPs
Rogers - Logo Rogers Don Mills Canada 172 IPs
du Emirates - Logo du Emirates Dubai United Arab Emirates 256 IPs
Vodacom - Logo Vodacom Durban South Africa 14 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Edinburgh United Kingdom 72 IPs
Shaw - Logo Shaw Edmonton Canada 92 IPs
Telus - Logo Telus Edmonton Canada 176 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Fortaleza Brazil 120 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Frankfurt am Main Germany 112 IPs
M247 - Logo M247 Frankfurt am Main Germany 6 IPs
Scaleway - Logo Scaleway Frankfurt am Main Germany 7 IPs
Sky - Logo Sky Glasgow United Kingdom 69 IPs
BT - Logo BT Glasgow United Kingdom 59 IPs
Telmex - Logo Telmex Guadalajara Mexico 96 IPs
Totalplay - Logo Totalplay Guadalajara Mexico 95 IPs
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada Halifax Canada 72 IPs
2degrees - Logo 2degrees Hamilton New Zealand 26 IPs
FPT Group - Logo FPT Group Hanoi Vietnam 499 IPs
VNPT - Logo VNPT Hanoi Vietnam 673 IPs
Arelion - Logo Arelion Helsinki Finland 383 IPs
VNPT - Logo VNPT Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 273 IPs
FPT Group - Logo FPT Group Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 450 IPs
TPG Telecom - Logo TPG Telecom Hobart Australia 40 IPs
Telstra - Logo Telstra Hong Kong Hong Kong 165 IPs
China Mobile - Logo China Mobile Hong Kong Hong Kong 96 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio Hyderabad India 304 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Hyderabad India 64 IPs
PT Telkom Indonesia - Logo PT Telkom Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia 1395 IPs
rain - Logo rain Johannesburg South Africa 72 IPs
Dimension Data - Logo Dimension Data Johannesburg South Africa 66 IPs
Cox - Logo Cox Kansas City United States 128 IPs
Chunghwa Telecom - Logo Chunghwa Telecom Kaohsiung Taiwan 77 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio Kolkata India 563 IPs
Cox - Logo Cox Las Vegas United States 512 IPs
Swisscom - Logo Swisscom Lausanne Switzerland 185 IPs
BT - Logo BT Leeds United Kingdom 403 IPs
Virgin Media - Logo Virgin Media Leeds United Kingdom 350 IPs
Sky - Logo Sky Leeds United Kingdom 114 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Leeds United Kingdom 68 IPs
Arelion - Logo Arelion Liljeholmen Sweden 375 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Lisbon Portugal 71 IPs
BT - Logo BT London United Kingdom 711 IPs
Virgin Media - Logo Virgin Media London United Kingdom 112 IPs
Sky - Logo Sky London United Kingdom 201 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio Lucknow India 164 IPs
Virgin Media - Logo Virgin Media Luton United Kingdom 112 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Madrid Spain 448 IPs
PT Telkom Indonesia - Logo PT Telkom Indonesia Makassar Indonesia 256 IPs
Claro - Logo Claro Manaus Brazil 39 IPs
Virgin Media - Logo Virgin Media Manchester United Kingdom 413 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Manchester United Kingdom 115 IPs
BT - Logo BT Manchester United Kingdom 20 IPs
M247 - Logo M247 Manchester United Kingdom 12 IPs
Sky - Logo Sky Manila Philippines 56 IPs
TPG Telecom - Logo TPG Telecom Melbourne Australia 554 IPs
Telstra - Logo Telstra Melbourne Australia 178 IPs
Aussie Broadband - Logo Aussie Broadband Melbourne Australia 186 IPs
Vocus - Logo Vocus Melbourne Australia 230 IPs
Totalplay - Logo Totalplay Mexico City Mexico 180 IPs
Telmex - Logo Telmex Mexico City Mexico 512 IPs
Vodacom - Logo Vodacom Midrand South Africa 56 IPs
Rogers - Logo Rogers Mississauga Canada 120 IPs
Seacom - Logo Seacom Mombasa Kenya 32 IPs
Totalplay - Logo Totalplay Monterrey Mexico 256 IPs
Rogers - Logo Rogers Montreal Canada 60 IPs
Videotron - Logo Videotron Montreal Canada 234 IPs
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada Montreal Canada 489 IPs
Scaleway - Logo Scaleway Moscow Russian Federation 43 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Mumbai India 672 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio Mumbai India 871 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio Nagpur India 256 IPs
Airtel - Logo Airtel New Delhi India 6 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone New Delhi India 232 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio New Delhi India 842 IPs
Scaleway - Logo Scaleway Nizhniy Novgorod Russian Federation 4 IPs
Flo Networks - Logo Flo Networks Nogales Mexico 146 IPs
Telstra - Logo Telstra Osaka Japan 58 IPs
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada Ottawa Canada 112 IPs
3BB - Logo 3BB Pak Kret Thailand 733 IPs
AIS - Logo AIS Pak Kret Thailand 421 IPs
Sparkle - Logo Sparkle Palermo Italy 1309 IPs
TPG Telecom - Logo TPG Telecom Perth Australia 205 IPs
Vocus - Logo Vocus Perth Australia 103 IPs
Claro - Logo Claro Porto Alegre Brazil 30 IPs
Jio - Logo Jio Pune India 256 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Pune India 20 IPs
Dimension Data - Logo Dimension Data Randburg South Africa 197 IPs
Flo Networks - Logo Flo Networks Reynosa Mexico 132 IPs
Rogers - Logo Rogers Richmond Hill Canada 120 IPs
Sparkle - Logo Sparkle Rome Italy 594 IPs
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Rome Italy 33 IPs
Fastweb - Logo Fastweb Rome Italy 512 IPs
Rogers - Logo Rogers Saint John Canada 20 IPs
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada Saint John Canada 74 IPs
Xfinity - Logo Xfinity Santa Clara United States 335 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Santiago Chile 205 IPs
Telmex - Logo Telmex Santiago Chile 100 IPs
Telmex - Logo Telmex Santiago de Queretaro Mexico 201 IPs
Telefonica - Logo Telefonica Sao Paulo Brazil 653 IPs
Claro - Logo Claro Sao Paulo Brazil 236 IPs
KT - Logo KT Seoul South Korea 124 IPs
LG Uplus - Logo LG Uplus Seoul South Korea 260 IPs
Samsung SDS - Logo Samsung SDS Seoul South Korea 27 IPs
Telstra - Logo Telstra Singapore Singapore 108 IPs
Sky - Logo Sky Slough United Kingdom 266 IPs
BT - Logo BT Slough United Kingdom 20 IPs
Tele2 - Logo Tele2 Stockholm Sweden 221 IPs
PT Telkom Indonesia - Logo PT Telkom Indonesia Surabaya Indonesia 737 IPs
TPG Telecom - Logo TPG Telecom Sydney Australia 1052 IPs
Vocus - Logo Vocus Sydney Australia 200 IPs
Telstra - Logo Telstra Sydney Australia 394 IPs
Aussie Broadband - Logo Aussie Broadband Sydney Australia 80 IPs
Chunghwa Telecom - Logo Chunghwa Telecom Taipei Taiwan 218 IPs
Taiwan Mobile - Logo Taiwan Mobile Taipei Taiwan 265 IPs
Mercury - Logo Mercury Tauranga New Zealand 32 IPs
So-net - Logo So-net Tokyo Japan 16 IPs
Rogers - Logo Rogers Toronto Canada 166 IPs
TekSavvy - Logo TekSavvy Toronto Canada 58 IPs
Telus - Logo Telus Toronto Canada 48 IPs
Distributel - Logo Distributel Toronto Canada 15 IPs
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada Toronto Canada 489 IPs
Shaw - Logo Shaw Vancouver Canada 200 IPs
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada Vancouver Canada 74 IPs
Telus - Logo Telus Vancouver Canada 380 IPs
Bite Lietuva - Logo Bite Lietuva Vilnius Lithuania 48 IPs
Spark - Logo Spark Wellington New Zealand 44 IPs
Vocus - Logo Vocus Wellington New Zealand 52 IPs
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada Winnipeg Canada 32 IPs
Switch - Logo Switch Zurich Switzerland 12 IPs
Swisscom - Logo Swisscom Zurich Switzerland 360 IPs
There are an additional 44149 IPs across other 3rd party networks.

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