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Platform Information

The following page provides details on applications that depend on the Cheetah Digital platform, as well as the networks used by Cheetah Digital.


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Cheetah Digital is a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for marketers and advertisers - mail, messaging, customer loyalty and more.

Category Advertiser
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Do you know how much Cheetah Digital traffic flows through your network? Netify's application detection engine and reporting provides insights to help manage your network.

What gets measured, gets managed.

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Applications On Cheetah Digital

The following applications use Cheetah Digital as a platform.

Category Name  


Microsoft Office - Logo Microsoft Office App Info


Playstation - Logo Playstation App Info


Salesforce - Logo Salesforce App Info


Roku - Logo Roku App Info


Splunk - Logo Splunk App Info

Arts and Entertainment

DirecTV - Logo DirecTV App Info

Arts and Entertainment

Conde Nast - Logo Conde Nast App Info


HSBC - Logo HSBC App Info


American Express - Logo American Express App Info


Oracle Advertising - Logo Oracle Advertising App Info


Citi - Logo Citi App Info


American Airlines - Logo American Airlines App Info


LINE - Logo LINE App Info


Cheetah Digital - Logo Cheetah Digital App Info


Dow Jones - Logo Dow Jones App Info

3rd Party Networks

Cheetah Digital uses third party networks to deliver their products and services.

Network Category
3BB - Logo 3BB Network ISP/Telco
Airtel - Logo Airtel Network ISP/Telco
Akamai - Logo Akamai Network CDN
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS Network Hosting
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada Network ISP/Telco
Claro - Logo Claro Network ISP/Telco
Cox - Logo Cox Network ISP/Telco
Dimension Data - Logo Dimension Data Network Hosting
FPT Group - Logo FPT Group Network ISP/Telco
Fastweb - Logo Fastweb Network ISP/Telco
PLDT - Logo PLDT Network ISP/Telco
PT Telkom Indonesia - Logo PT Telkom Indonesia Network ISP/Telco
Rogers - Logo Rogers Network ISP/Telco
Sparkle - Logo Sparkle Network ISP/Telco
Swisscom - Logo Swisscom Network ISP/Telco
TPG Telecom - Logo TPG Telecom Network ISP/Telco
Telia - Logo Telia Network ISP/Telco
Telus - Logo Telus Network ISP/Telco
Vocus - Logo Vocus Network ISP/Telco
Xfinity - Logo Xfinity Network ISP/Telco

Integration and Custom Solutions

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