CloudFlare - Platform Information

Platform Information

Third party applications are hosted on CloudFlare. The following page provides information on the applications, networks and points-of-presence for providing the hosted service.


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Cloudflare is an infrastructure and website security company that provides content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain name server services.

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Do you know how much CloudFlare traffic flows through your network? Netify's application detection engine and reporting provides insights to help manage your network.

What gets measured, gets managed.

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Platforms On CloudFlare

Name Category  
Zendesk - Logo Zendesk Business Platform Info
Auth0 - Logo Auth0 Cybersecurity Platform Info
Blockthrough - Logo Blockthrough Advertiser Platform Info
OneTrust - Logo OneTrust Cybersecurity Platform Info
Arkose Labs - Logo Arkose Labs Cybersecurity Platform Info
The adjacent list of platforms are deployed on CloudFlare.

Applications On CloudFlare

Name Category - Logo Recreation App Info
Ethermine - Logo Ethermine Financial App Info
CHEQ - Logo CHEQ Advertiser App Info
Time Synchronization - Logo Time Synchronization Technology App Info
GlobalSign - Logo GlobalSign Cybersecurity App Info
Momentive - Logo Momentive Advertiser App Info
HubSpot - Logo HubSpot Advertiser App Info
Signal - Logo Signal Messaging App Info
SkipTheDishes - Logo SkipTheDishes Recreation App Info
Domotz - Logo Domotz Business App Info
SnapAV - Logo SnapAV Device/IoT App Info
Cloudinary - Logo Cloudinary Hosting App Info
JPMorgan Chase - Logo JPMorgan Chase Financial App Info
Unpkg Javascript - Logo Unpkg Javascript Business App Info
Hushmail - Logo Hushmail Mail App Info
Optimizely - Logo Optimizely Advertiser App Info
MLB - Logo MLB Sports App Info
Font Awesome - Logo Font Awesome Technology App Info
jsDelivr - Logo jsDelivr Business App Info
ID5 - Logo ID5 Advertiser App Info
JumpCloud - Logo JumpCloud Business App Info
Coinbase - Logo Coinbase Financial App Info
GSMA - Logo GSMA Technology App Info
Let's Encrypt - Logo Let's Encrypt Technology App Info
Indeed - Logo Indeed Career and Education App Info
JW Player - Logo JW Player Advertiser App Info
Narratiive - Logo Narratiive Advertiser App Info
NordVPN - Logo NordVPN VPN and Proxy App Info
Drawbridge - Logo Drawbridge Advertiser App Info
HostGator - Logo HostGator Hosting App Info
Sporting News - Logo Sporting News Sports App Info
Walmart - Logo Walmart Shopping App Info
CleverTap - Logo CleverTap Advertiser App Info
Docker - Logo Docker OS/Software Updates App Info
Helpshift - Logo Helpshift Business App Info
Ring - Logo Ring Device/IoT App Info
Node.js - Logo Node.js Technology App Info
Epic Games - Logo Epic Games Games App Info
Tenable - Logo Tenable Cybersecurity App Info
TransUnion - Logo TransUnion Financial App Info
Government of Brazil - Logo Government of Brazil Government App Info
MGID - Logo MGID Advertiser App Info
Quora - Logo Quora Reference App Info
Speedtest - Logo Speedtest Technology App Info
DataTables - Logo DataTables Technology App Info
Stripe - Logo Stripe Financial App Info
Pushover - Logo Pushover Messaging App Info
DoubleVerify - Logo DoubleVerify Advertiser App Info
Pinterest - Logo Pinterest Social Media App Info
MACVendors - Logo MACVendors Business App Info
HughesNet - Logo HughesNet ISP/Telco App Info
Riot Games - Logo Riot Games Games App Info
Constant Contact - Logo Constant Contact Advertiser App Info
OkCupid - Logo OkCupid Social Media App Info
Twilio - Logo Twilio VoIP/Conferencing App Info
TunnelBear - Logo TunnelBear VPN and Proxy App Info
PC Matic - Logo PC Matic Cybersecurity App Info
ServiceNow - Logo ServiceNow Business App Info
VyOS - Logo VyOS OS/Software Updates App Info
Xara Cloud - Logo Xara Cloud Business App Info
Sony - Logo Sony Business App Info
Shodan - Logo Shodan Cybersecurity App Info
MaxMind - Logo MaxMind Cybersecurity App Info
theScore - Logo theScore Sports App Info
Snort - Logo Snort Cybersecurity App Info
Inmarsat - Logo Inmarsat ISP/Telco App Info
Turnkey Linux - Logo Turnkey Linux OS/Software Updates App Info
Government of Australia - Logo Government of Australia Government App Info
Bugsnag - Logo Bugsnag Business App Info
Spamhaus - Logo Spamhaus Cybersecurity App Info
OneSignal - Logo OneSignal Advertiser App Info
Lenovo - Logo Lenovo Device/IoT App Info
iRobot - Logo iRobot Device/IoT App Info - Logo Business App Info
Intel - Logo Intel Business App Info
MediaFire - Logo MediaFire File Sharing App Info
SimpleMining - Logo SimpleMining Financial App Info
Peplink - Logo Peplink Device/IoT App Info
K4 Mobility - Logo K4 Mobility Business App Info
Raspberry Pi - Logo Raspberry Pi Device/IoT App Info
FLIR Systems - Logo FLIR Systems Device/IoT App Info
Qualtrics - Logo Qualtrics Advertiser App Info
Plex - Logo Plex Streaming Media App Info
Vimeo - Logo Vimeo Streaming Media App Info
Stack Overflow - Logo Stack Overflow Reference App Info
Forbes - Logo Forbes News App Info
Visa - Logo Visa Financial App Info
Traefik - Logo Traefik Technology App Info
Netgear - Logo Netgear Device/IoT App Info
Secureworks - Logo Secureworks Cybersecurity App Info
Opera - Logo Opera Business App Info
Klaviyo - Logo Klaviyo Advertiser App Info
CookieLaw - Logo CookieLaw Business App Info
ipstack - Logo ipstack Reference App Info
SoftEther Web - Logo SoftEther Web VPN and Proxy App Info
Peloton - Logo Peloton Recreation App Info
Purple - Logo Purple Shopping App Info
Kali Linux - Logo Kali Linux Cybersecurity App Info
Dstillery - Logo Dstillery Advertiser App Info
D-Link - Logo D-Link Business App Info
Innovid - Logo Innovid Advertiser App Info
TeamSnap - Logo TeamSnap Sports App Info
Sonos - Logo Sonos Device/IoT App Info
Wayfair - Logo Wayfair Shopping App Info
Flypool Ravencoin - Logo Flypool Ravencoin Financial App Info
HP - Logo HP Device/IoT App Info
Medium - Logo Medium Recreation App Info
GitLab - Logo GitLab Technology App Info
SurfEasy - Logo SurfEasy VPN and Proxy App Info
Life360 - Logo Life360 Business App Info
Discord - Logo Discord Messaging App Info
OpenOffice - Logo OpenOffice Business App Info
Linode - Logo Linode Hosting App Info
Wolters Kluwer - Logo Wolters Kluwer Financial App Info
Datto - Logo Datto Business App Info
ClamAV - Logo ClamAV Cybersecurity App Info
Kissmetrics - Logo Kissmetrics Advertiser App Info
Cyren - Logo Cyren Cybersecurity App Info
TuneIn - Logo TuneIn Streaming Media App Info
Okta - Logo Okta Cybersecurity App Info
Taplytics - Logo Taplytics Advertiser App Info
Intego - Logo Intego Cybersecurity App Info
MakerBot - Logo MakerBot Business App Info - Logo VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Foxit - Logo Foxit Business App Info - Logo Business App Info
Confiant - Logo Confiant Advertiser App Info
MarkMonitor - Logo MarkMonitor Business App Info
Roku - Logo Roku Device/IoT App Info
Instacart - Logo Instacart Shopping App Info
GoDaddy - Logo GoDaddy Hosting App Info
Zscaler - Logo Zscaler VPN and Proxy App Info
UK Government - Logo UK Government Government App Info
Wells Fargo - Logo Wells Fargo Financial App Info
Resonate - Logo Resonate Advertiser App Info
OPPO - Logo OPPO Device/IoT App Info
Garmin - Logo Garmin Device/IoT App Info
OneTrust - Logo OneTrust Cybersecurity App Info
PagerDuty - Logo PagerDuty Business App Info
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean Hosting App Info
Bose - Logo Bose Device/IoT App Info
Vultr - Logo Vultr Hosting App Info
LendingTree - Logo LendingTree Financial App Info
CrowdStrike - Logo CrowdStrike Cybersecurity App Info
CogoCast - Logo CogoCast Advertiser App Info - Logo Financial App Info
Rakuten - Logo Rakuten Shopping App Info
TeamSpeak - Logo TeamSpeak VoIP/Conferencing App Info - Logo Advertiser App Info
WatchGuard - Logo WatchGuard Cybersecurity App Info
Astellas Pharma - Logo Astellas Pharma Business App Info
Adaware - Logo Adaware Cybersecurity App Info
AccuWeather - Logo AccuWeather News App Info
Autodesk - Logo Autodesk Business App Info
Kwai - Logo Kwai Social Media App Info
Crazy Egg - Logo Crazy Egg Advertiser App Info
CentOS - Logo CentOS OS/Software Updates App Info
AdGuard - Logo AdGuard Cybersecurity App Info
AppLovin - Logo AppLovin Advertiser App Info - Logo Business App Info
Audigent - Logo Audigent Advertiser App Info
Arlo - Logo Arlo Device/IoT App Info
Statcounter - Logo Statcounter Advertiser App Info
Wish - Logo Wish Shopping App Info
Whois - Logo Whois Hosting App Info
Samsung Apps - Logo Samsung Apps OS/Software Updates App Info
AVG Antivirus - Logo AVG Antivirus Cybersecurity App Info
Snowflake - Logo Snowflake Technology App Info
BidSwitch - Logo BidSwitch Advertiser App Info
Thomson Reuters - Logo Thomson Reuters News App Info
iboss - Logo iboss Cybersecurity App Info
Dropbox - Logo Dropbox File Sharing App Info
Ubisoft - Logo Ubisoft Games App Info
Baidu - Logo Baidu Portal App Info
Ricoh - Logo Ricoh Business App Info
PIA VPN - Logo PIA VPN VPN and Proxy App Info
IBM Cloud - Logo IBM Cloud Hosting App Info
Adform - Logo Adform Advertiser App Info
MPulse Software - Logo MPulse Software Business App Info
Zendesk - Logo Zendesk Business App Info
Salesforce - Logo Salesforce Advertiser App Info
Parallels - Logo Parallels Business App Info
StackExchange - Logo StackExchange Reference App Info
Auth0 - Logo Auth0 Cybersecurity App Info
Adobe Ads - Logo Adobe Ads Advertiser App Info
Ruckus Networks - Logo Ruckus Networks Device/IoT App Info
G2 - Logo G2 Business App Info
Citrix - Logo Citrix Business App Info
Box - Logo Box File Sharing App Info - Logo Technology App Info
Spectrio - Logo Spectrio Advertiser App Info
Y Combinator - Logo Y Combinator Business App Info
Capital One - Logo Capital One Financial App Info
Amobee - Logo Amobee Advertiser App Info
Leaseweb - Logo Leaseweb Hosting App Info
Sectigo - Logo Sectigo Cybersecurity App Info
DNSFilter - Logo DNSFilter Cybersecurity App Info
Aptum - Logo Aptum Hosting App Info
Standard Bank - Logo Standard Bank Financial App Info
Fox News - Logo Fox News Arts and Entertainment App Info
NextDNS - Logo NextDNS Cybersecurity App Info
Rhino Entertainment - Logo Rhino Entertainment Arts and Entertainment App Info
Thunderbird - Logo Thunderbird Mail App Info
33Across - Logo 33Across Advertiser App Info
ZoomInfo - Logo ZoomInfo Business App Info
2K Gaming - Logo 2K Gaming Games App Info
The Economist - Logo The Economist News App Info
Brother - Logo Brother Device/IoT App Info
ClickMagick - Logo ClickMagick Advertiser App Info
FaceApp - Logo FaceApp Arts and Entertainment App Info
LinkedIn - Logo LinkedIn Social Media App Info
Belkin - Logo Belkin Device/IoT App Info
Afterpay - Logo Afterpay Financial App Info - Logo Games App Info
BT - Logo BT ISP/Telco App Info
Brave Browser - Logo Brave Browser Business App Info
101domains - Logo 101domains Business App Info
Take-Two Interactive - Logo Take-Two Interactive Games App Info
Braze - Logo Braze Advertiser App Info
The Trade Desk - Logo The Trade Desk Advertiser App Info
Blockthrough - Logo Blockthrough Advertiser App Info
AnubisNetworks - Logo AnubisNetworks Cybersecurity App Info
Branch IO - Logo Branch IO Advertiser App Info
CyberGhost VPN - Logo CyberGhost VPN VPN and Proxy App Info
Badoo - Logo Badoo Social Media App Info
APNIC - Logo APNIC Technology App Info
Axios - Logo Axios News App Info
Bank of America - Logo Bank of America Financial App Info
Ark Game - Logo Ark Game Games App Info
Cisco Umbrella - Logo Cisco Umbrella Cybersecurity App Info
Bootstrap - Logo Bootstrap Technology App Info
AdaptMX - Logo AdaptMX Advertiser App Info
AppsFlyer - Logo AppsFlyer Advertiser App Info
Cisco - Logo Cisco Device/IoT App Info
DoorDash - Logo DoorDash Business App Info
BuzzFeed - Logo BuzzFeed Arts and Entertainment App Info
Bluestacks - Logo Bluestacks Games App Info
Buffalo Technology - Logo Buffalo Technology Device/IoT App Info
Bitdefender - Logo Bitdefender Cybersecurity App Info
Cloudflare DNS - Logo Cloudflare DNS Technology App Info
GitBook - Logo GitBook Business App Info
jQuery - Logo jQuery Technology App Info
Lululemon - Logo Lululemon Shopping App Info
Shopee - Logo Shopee Shopping App Info
Microsoft Office - Logo Microsoft Office Business App Info
Outbrain - Logo Outbrain Advertiser App Info
Samsung - Logo Samsung Device/IoT App Info
Vercel - Logo Vercel Hosting App Info
ConnectWise - Logo ConnectWise Business App Info
Apple iCloud - Logo Apple iCloud File Sharing App Info
Avast - Logo Avast Cybersecurity App Info
Apple - Logo Apple Business App Info
RIPE Atlas - Logo RIPE Atlas Technology App Info
Investec - Logo Investec Financial App Info
WP Engine - Logo WP Engine Hosting App Info
Entrust - Logo Entrust Cybersecurity App Info
Index Exchange - Logo Index Exchange Advertiser App Info
Yext - Logo Yext Hosting App Info
Jobvite - Logo Jobvite Career and Education App Info - Logo Hosting App Info
Paytm - Logo Paytm Financial App Info
Tableau - Logo Tableau Business App Info - Logo Financial App Info
Equinix - Logo Equinix Hosting App Info
Pluralsight - Logo Pluralsight Business App Info
iCloud Private Relay - Logo iCloud Private Relay VPN and Proxy App Info
3M Company - Logo 3M Company Business App Info
CyberSource - Logo CyberSource Financial App Info
Transmit Security - Logo Transmit Security Cybersecurity App Info
Amazon Advertising - Logo Amazon Advertising Advertiser App Info
Netflix - Logo Netflix Streaming Media App Info
CSDN - Logo CSDN Technology App Info
NHL - Logo NHL Sports App Info
SolarWinds - Logo SolarWinds Business App Info
Adobe - Logo Adobe Business App Info
Conversant Media - Logo Conversant Media Advertiser App Info
RhythmOne - Logo RhythmOne Advertiser App Info
Exponential - Logo Exponential Advertiser App Info
Telus - Logo Telus ISP/Telco App Info
pfSense - Logo pfSense Cybersecurity App Info
Trimble MAPS - Logo Trimble MAPS Business App Info
ANZ - Logo ANZ Financial App Info
RBC Royal Bank - Logo RBC Royal Bank Financial App Info
Fitbit - Logo Fitbit Recreation App Info
American Express - Logo American Express Financial App Info
Costco - Logo Costco Shopping App Info
Moloco - Logo Moloco Advertiser App Info
LoopMe - Logo LoopMe Advertiser App Info
Betway - Logo Betway Arts and Entertainment App Info
Fortnite - Logo Fortnite Games App Info
Ethereum - Logo Ethereum Financial App Info
Addigy - Logo Addigy Business App Info
Shopify - Logo Shopify Shopping App Info
Ably Realtime - Logo Ably Realtime Business App Info
Koodo Mobile - Logo Koodo Mobile ISP/Telco App Info
Bitcoin - Logo Bitcoin Financial App Info
3CX - Logo 3CX VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Infobip - Logo Infobip Messaging App Info
Glassdoor - Logo Glassdoor Business App Info
Sinch - Logo Sinch Messaging App Info
IDrive - Logo IDrive File Sharing App Info
15below - Logo 15below Business App Info
Paylocity - Logo Paylocity Business App Info
League of Legends - Logo League of Legends Games App Info
Steam - Logo Steam Games App Info
Intsig - Logo Intsig Business App Info
Bitwarden - Logo Bitwarden Technology App Info
Vidmate - Logo Vidmate Streaming Media App Info
Vodacom - Logo Vodacom ISP/Telco App Info
Xplornet - Logo Xplornet ISP/Telco App Info
Qatar Airways - Logo Qatar Airways Business App Info
August Home - Logo August Home Device/IoT App Info
Eastlink - Logo Eastlink ISP/Telco App Info
UserEngage - Logo UserEngage Business App Info
Patriot Software - Logo Patriot Software Financial App Info
Valorant - Logo Valorant Games App Info
IBM - Logo IBM Business App Info
Pitney Bowes - Logo Pitney Bowes Business App Info
Surfshark - Logo Surfshark VPN and Proxy App Info
Broadcom GPS - Logo Broadcom GPS Technology App Info
Proton VPN - Logo Proton VPN VPN and Proxy App Info
BigCommerce - Logo BigCommerce Shopping App Info - Logo Cybersecurity App Info
Photon - Logo Photon Games App Info
Wise - Logo Wise Financial App Info
Delta - Logo Delta Business App Info
NIH - Logo NIH Government App Info
Kaltura - Logo Kaltura Streaming Media App Info
Backblaze - Logo Backblaze Business App Info
Qualcomm - Logo Qualcomm Business App Info
Weave - Logo Weave VoIP/Conferencing App Info
The Register - Logo The Register News App Info
Wow - Logo Wow ISP/Telco App Info
Bluehost - Logo Bluehost Hosting App Info
CCleaner - Logo CCleaner Cybersecurity App Info
DreamHost - Logo DreamHost Hosting App Info
Vidazoo - Logo Vidazoo Advertiser App Info
Twitter - Logo Twitter Social Media App Info
Quantum Metric - Logo Quantum Metric Advertiser App Info
Notion - Logo Notion Business App Info
Cloudways - Logo Cloudways Hosting App Info
Ecobee - Logo Ecobee Device/IoT App Info
Datadog - Logo Datadog Business App Info
USA Today - Logo USA Today News App Info
Permutive - Logo Permutive Advertiser App Info
Canva - Logo Canva Business App Info
Scaleway - Logo Scaleway Hosting App Info
Connatix - Logo Connatix Advertiser App Info
Atera - Logo Atera Business App Info
Adagio - Logo Adagio Advertiser App Info
Broadcom - Logo Broadcom Business App Info
Zabbix - Logo Zabbix Technology App Info
Java - Logo Java Technology App Info
rain - Logo rain ISP/Telco App Info
OpenAI - Logo OpenAI Business App Info
Speedify VPN - Logo Speedify VPN VPN and Proxy App Info
Sourcegraph - Logo Sourcegraph Business App Info - Logo Business App Info - Logo Business App Info
Optimove - Logo Optimove Advertiser App Info
OLG - Logo OLG Games App Info
Acronis - Logo Acronis Cybersecurity App Info
AdScore - Logo AdScore Advertiser App Info
Algolia - Logo Algolia Business App Info
New Relic - Logo New Relic Business App Info
Aussie Broadband - Logo Aussie Broadband ISP/Telco App Info
Upwork - Logo Upwork Career and Education App Info
IdenTrust - Logo IdenTrust Cybersecurity App Info
Avaya - Logo Avaya Business App Info
RIPE - Logo RIPE Technology App Info
PhonePe - Logo PhonePe Financial App Info
ChatGPT - Logo ChatGPT Business App Info
Appier - Logo Appier Advertiser App Info
WebMD - Logo WebMD Reference App Info
BugHerd - Logo BugHerd Business App Info
24 Shells - Logo 24 Shells Hosting App Info
Adobe Marketo - Logo Adobe Marketo Advertiser App Info
WinZip - Logo WinZip Business App Info
Ceridian - Logo Ceridian Career and Education App Info
N-able - Logo N-able Business App Info
Coupang - Logo Coupang Shopping App Info
Blackbaud - Logo Blackbaud Financial App Info
Answers - Logo Answers Reference App Info
RingCentral - Logo RingCentral VoIP/Conferencing App Info
NBCUniversal - Logo NBCUniversal Arts and Entertainment App Info
Arkose Labs - Logo Arkose Labs Cybersecurity App Info
TeamViewer - Logo TeamViewer Remote Desktop App Info
Risky Advertiser - Logo Risky Advertiser Advertiser App Info
Fomo - Logo Fomo Advertiser App Info
AIS - Logo AIS ISP/Telco App Info
Newfold - Logo Newfold Hosting App Info
Nexthink - Logo Nexthink Technology App Info
ADP - Logo ADP Financial App Info
Impact - Logo Impact Advertiser App Info
Navy Federal - Logo Navy Federal Financial App Info
Emarsys - Logo Emarsys Advertiser App Info
The adjacent list of applications are hosted on CloudFlare.

Internal Networks Deployed By CloudFlare

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
CloudFlare - Logo CloudFlare Anycast - 108971 IPs
CloudFlare - Logo CloudFlare Core Network - 10886 IPs

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