Lumen CDN - Platform Information

Platform Information

Third party applications are hosted on Lumen CDN. The following page provides information on the applications, networks and points-of-presence for providing the hosted service.


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Lumen Technologies (was CenturyLink/Level3) is an IT company that integrates network infrastructure, cloud connectivity, security and enterprise-class services. Lumen CDN has been merged with the Lumen app.

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Do you know how much Lumen CDN traffic flows through your network? Netify's application detection engine and reporting provides insights to help manage your network.

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Platforms On Lumen CDN

Name Category  
Section - Logo Section Business Platform Info
The adjacent list of platforms are deployed on Lumen CDN.

Applications On Lumen CDN

Name Category  
Time Synchronization - Logo Time Synchronization Technology App Info
DirecTV - Logo DirecTV Arts and Entertainment App Info
Government of Brazil - Logo Government of Brazil Government App Info
Speedtest - Logo Speedtest Technology App Info
TikTok - Logo TikTok Social Media App Info
ESPN - Logo ESPN Sports App Info
Riot Games - Logo Riot Games Games App Info
HBO - Logo HBO Streaming Media App Info
Candy Crush - Logo Candy Crush Games App Info
Xbox Live - Logo Xbox Live Games App Info
HP - Logo HP Device/IoT App Info
Peacock TV - Logo Peacock TV Streaming Media App Info
Amazon Video - Logo Amazon Video Streaming Media App Info
Amazon - Logo Amazon Business App Info
Disney Plus - Logo Disney Plus Streaming Media App Info
Disney - Logo Disney Arts and Entertainment App Info
Cheetah Digital - Logo Cheetah Digital Advertiser App Info
King Games - Logo King Games Games App Info
Citrix - Logo Citrix Business App Info
Citi - Logo Citi Financial App Info
Section - Logo Section Business App Info
Kyocera - Logo Kyocera Device/IoT App Info
American Airlines - Logo American Airlines Business App Info
Aarki - Logo Aarki Advertiser App Info
CBS - Logo CBS Arts and Entertainment App Info
ByteDance - Logo ByteDance Arts and Entertainment App Info
Barclays - Logo Barclays Financial App Info
Blizzard Entertainment - Logo Blizzard Entertainment Games App Info
NFL - Logo NFL Sports App Info
Kaspersky - Logo Kaspersky Cybersecurity App Info
Shopee - Logo Shopee Shopping App Info
Windows Update - Logo Windows Update OS/Software Updates App Info
Microsoft Office - Logo Microsoft Office Business App Info
Microsoft - Logo Microsoft Business App Info
Apple iTunes - Logo Apple iTunes Arts and Entertainment App Info
Apple - Logo Apple Business App Info
RIPE Atlas - Logo RIPE Atlas Technology App Info
SonicWall - Logo SonicWall Cybersecurity App Info
Playstation - Logo Playstation Games App Info
RhythmOne - Logo RhythmOne Advertiser App Info - Logo Games App Info
Steam - Logo Steam Games App Info
Valorant - Logo Valorant Games App Info
WB Discovery CDN - Logo WB Discovery CDN CDN App Info
Showtime - Logo Showtime Streaming Media App Info
eBay - Logo eBay Shopping App Info
3GPP Network - Logo 3GPP Network Technology App Info
Bubble Witch - Logo Bubble Witch Games App Info
Apple Updates - Logo Apple Updates OS/Software Updates App Info
The adjacent list of applications are hosted on Lumen CDN.

Internal Networks Deployed By Lumen CDN

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
Lumen CDN - Logo Lumen CDN Anycast - 2 IPs
Lumen CDN - Logo Lumen CDN Bogota Colombia 256 IPs
Lumen CDN - Logo Lumen CDN Core Network - 18073 IPs
Lumen CDN - Logo Lumen CDN Quito Ecuador 255 IPs

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