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Platform Information

Third party applications are hosted on Salesforce. The following page provides information on the applications, networks and points-of-presence for providing the hosted service.


Salesforce - Logo provides clients tools to manage relationships with their customers across sales, customer service, marketing, communities, analytics, and more. Salesforce acquired ExactTarget and Pardot in 2013.

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Applications On Salesforce

Name Category  
GlobalSign - Logo GlobalSign Cybersecurity App Info
TD - Logo TD Financial App Info
Momentive - Logo Momentive Advertiser App Info
SkipTheDishes - Logo SkipTheDishes Recreation App Info
F5 Networks - Logo F5 Networks Cybersecurity App Info
JPMorgan Chase - Logo JPMorgan Chase Financial App Info
Cineplex - Logo Cineplex Arts and Entertainment App Info
Fedex - Logo Fedex Business App Info
GSMA - Logo GSMA Technology App Info
HostGator - Logo HostGator Hosting App Info
Walmart - Logo Walmart Shopping App Info
OpenTable - Logo OpenTable Recreation App Info
TMZ - Logo TMZ Arts and Entertainment App Info
DoubleVerify - Logo DoubleVerify Advertiser App Info
ESPN - Logo ESPN Sports App Info
Riot Games - Logo Riot Games Games App Info
Constant Contact - Logo Constant Contact Advertiser App Info
Rockstar Games - Logo Rockstar Games Games App Info
WalkMe - Logo WalkMe Advertiser App Info
Sony - Logo Sony Business App Info
Government of Australia - Logo Government of Australia Government App Info
LastPass - Logo LastPass Business App Info
FLIR Systems - Logo FLIR Systems Device/IoT App Info
Malwarebytes - Logo Malwarebytes Cybersecurity App Info
Vimeo - Logo Vimeo Streaming Media App Info
Vrbo - Logo Vrbo Recreation App Info
Hulu - Logo Hulu Streaming Media App Info
Netgear - Logo Netgear Device/IoT App Info
Uber - Logo Uber Business App Info
Honeywell - Logo Honeywell Device/IoT App Info
DAZN - Logo DAZN Sports App Info
Sky - Logo Sky ISP/Telco App Info
Tivo - Logo Tivo Device/IoT App Info
Drift - Logo Drift Advertiser App Info
SiriusXM - Logo SiriusXM Arts and Entertainment App Info
Target - Logo Target Shopping App Info
Sonos - Logo Sonos Device/IoT App Info
Khan Academy - Logo Khan Academy Career and Education App Info
HP - Logo HP Device/IoT App Info
Xero - Logo Xero Financial App Info
IKEA - Logo IKEA Shopping App Info
SimilarWeb - Logo SimilarWeb Business App Info
Canadian Tire - Logo Canadian Tire Shopping App Info
Okta - Logo Okta Cybersecurity App Info
NPR - Logo NPR Arts and Entertainment App Info
Crestron - Logo Crestron Device/IoT App Info
Philips - Logo Philips Device/IoT App Info
Zscaler - Logo Zscaler VPN and Proxy App Info
VIZIO - Logo VIZIO Device/IoT App Info
UK Government - Logo UK Government Government App Info
Telstra - Logo Telstra ISP/Telco App Info
Fastweb - Logo Fastweb ISP/Telco App Info
HSBC - Logo HSBC Financial App Info
Crate and Barrel - Logo Crate and Barrel Shopping App Info
Kohl's - Logo Kohl's Shopping App Info
Bose - Logo Bose Device/IoT App Info
CrowdStrike - Logo CrowdStrike Cybersecurity App Info - Logo Financial App Info
AT&T - Logo AT&T ISP/Telco App Info
Expedia - Logo Expedia Recreation App Info
Airbnb - Logo Airbnb Recreation App Info
LG - Logo LG Business App Info
Yelp - Logo Yelp Recreation App Info
Cox - Logo Cox ISP/Telco App Info
Amazon - Logo Amazon Business App Info
Xbox - Logo Xbox Games App Info
Arlo - Logo Arlo Device/IoT App Info
AVG Antivirus - Logo AVG Antivirus Cybersecurity App Info
Disney Plus - Logo Disney Plus Streaming Media App Info
Check Point - Logo Check Point Cybersecurity App Info
Ubisoft - Logo Ubisoft Games App Info
DocuSign - Logo DocuSign Business App Info
Nvidia - Logo Nvidia Business App Info
Electronic Arts - Logo Electronic Arts Games App Info
Minecraft - Logo Minecraft Games App Info
Bell Canada - Logo Bell Canada ISP/Telco App Info
Capital One - Logo Capital One Financial App Info
Adjust - Logo Adjust Advertiser App Info
Atlassian - Logo Atlassian Technology App Info
Home Depot - Logo Home Depot Shopping App Info
Citi - Logo Citi Financial App Info
Ticketmaster - Logo Ticketmaster Shopping App Info
Standard Bank - Logo Standard Bank Financial App Info
Fox News - Logo Fox News Arts and Entertainment App Info
Rhino Entertainment - Logo Rhino Entertainment Arts and Entertainment App Info
Snapchat - Logo Snapchat Messaging App Info
Paramount Plus - Logo Paramount Plus Streaming Media App Info
2K Gaming - Logo 2K Gaming Games App Info
The Economist - Logo The Economist News App Info
Brother - Logo Brother Device/IoT App Info
Belkin - Logo Belkin Device/IoT App Info
Banamex - Logo Banamex Financial App Info
Audible - Logo Audible Arts and Entertainment App Info
Der Spiegel - Logo Der Spiegel News App Info
United Airlines - Logo United Airlines Business App Info
AutoTrader - Logo AutoTrader Shopping App Info
ABC Australia - Logo ABC Australia Arts and Entertainment App Info
BBC - Logo BBC Arts and Entertainment App Info
APNIC - Logo APNIC Technology App Info
Bank of America - Logo Bank of America Financial App Info
Intuit - Logo Intuit Financial App Info
CBS - Logo CBS Arts and Entertainment App Info
Cisco - Logo Cisco Device/IoT App Info
Barclays - Logo Barclays Financial App Info
Blizzard Entertainment - Logo Blizzard Entertainment Games App Info
NFL - Logo NFL Sports App Info
BMO - Logo BMO Financial App Info
Blue Jeans - Logo Blue Jeans VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Lululemon - Logo Lululemon Shopping App Info
Shopee - Logo Shopee Shopping App Info
Microsoft OneDrive - Logo Microsoft OneDrive File Sharing App Info
Microsoft Office - Logo Microsoft Office Business App Info
Microsoft - Logo Microsoft Business App Info
Avast - Logo Avast Cybersecurity App Info
Ford - Logo Ford Business App Info
Windows - Logo Windows OS/Software Updates App Info
Bing - Logo Bing Portal App Info
Grammarly - Logo Grammarly Career and Education App Info
National Australia Bank - Logo National Australia Bank Financial App Info
Dell - Logo Dell Device/IoT App Info
Digital Turbine - Logo Digital Turbine Advertiser App Info
Tableau - Logo Tableau Business App Info
Banco Santander - Logo Banco Santander Financial App Info
Jamf - Logo Jamf Business App Info
Worldline - Logo Worldline Financial App Info
PayPal - Logo PayPal Financial App Info
Nintendo - Logo Nintendo Games App Info
Playstation - Logo Playstation Games App Info
Telus - Logo Telus ISP/Telco App Info
Westpac - Logo Westpac Financial App Info
Absa - Logo Absa Financial App Info
Best Buy - Logo Best Buy Shopping App Info
Kroger - Logo Kroger Shopping App Info
Rogers - Logo Rogers ISP/Telco App Info
RBC Royal Bank - Logo RBC Royal Bank Financial App Info
Canon - Logo Canon Device/IoT App Info
USPS - Logo USPS Government App Info
Fitbit - Logo Fitbit Recreation App Info
American Express - Logo American Express Financial App Info
Trend Micro - Logo Trend Micro Cybersecurity App Info
Fox - Logo Fox Arts and Entertainment App Info
CIBC - Logo CIBC Financial App Info
Gumtree - Logo Gumtree Shopping App Info
Paylocity - Logo Paylocity Business App Info
Avis - Logo Avis Business App Info
Pitney Bowes - Logo Pitney Bowes Business App Info
Schwab - Logo Schwab Financial App Info
NCAA - Logo NCAA Sports App Info
Delta - Logo Delta Business App Info
Showtime - Logo Showtime Streaming Media App Info
eBay - Logo eBay Shopping App Info
Cogeco - Logo Cogeco ISP/Telco App Info
eufy - Logo eufy Device/IoT App Info
Experian - Logo Experian Financial App Info
Nike - Logo Nike Shopping App Info
Suncorp Group - Logo Suncorp Group Financial App Info
Totalplay - Logo Totalplay ISP/Telco App Info
Toyota - Logo Toyota Business App Info
CardConnect - Logo CardConnect Financial App Info
Bed Bath and Beyond - Logo Bed Bath and Beyond Shopping App Info
Ecobee - Logo Ecobee Device/IoT App Info
USA Today - Logo USA Today News App Info
Canva - Logo Canva Business App Info
NinjaOne - Logo NinjaOne Business App Info
FreshBooks - Logo FreshBooks Financial App Info
Aussie Broadband - Logo Aussie Broadband ISP/Telco App Info
WebMD - Logo WebMD Reference App Info
Equifax - Logo Equifax Financial App Info
Email Studio - Logo Email Studio Advertiser App Info
Ceridian - Logo Ceridian Career and Education App Info
Nextdoor - Logo Nextdoor Social Media App Info
Geico - Logo Geico Financial App Info
Fidelity - Logo Fidelity Financial App Info
ADP - Logo ADP Financial App Info
The adjacent list of applications are hosted on Salesforce.

Internal Networks Deployed By Salesforce

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
Salesforce - Logo Salesforce Core Network - 15789 IPs

Partner Networks Used By Salesforce

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Australia 80 IPs
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS Canada (Central) Canada 80 IPs
Amazon AWS - Logo Amazon AWS US East (N. Virginia) United States 5 IPs

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