SendGrid - Platform Information

Platform Information

Third party applications are hosted on SendGrid. The following page provides information on the applications, networks and points-of-presence for providing the hosted service.


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SendGrid is an email deliverability solution and cloud-based customer communication platform. Third-party companies use their service for market tracking, scalability, and delivery expertise.

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Applications On SendGrid

Name Category - Logo Recreation App Info
Deezer - Logo Deezer Streaming Media App Info
Streamable - Logo Streamable Streaming Media App Info
Government of Australia - Logo Government of Australia Government App Info
Klaviyo - Logo Klaviyo Advertiser App Info
TeamSnap - Logo TeamSnap Sports App Info
Airbnb - Logo Airbnb Recreation App Info
Box - Logo Box File Sharing App Info
Citi - Logo Citi Financial App Info
Stan Video - Logo Stan Video Streaming Media App Info
KIK - Logo KIK Messaging App Info
Wix - Logo Wix Hosting App Info
American Airlines - Logo American Airlines Business App Info
Intuit - Logo Intuit Financial App Info
Jamf - Logo Jamf Business App Info
WeTransfer - Logo WeTransfer File Sharing App Info
ANZ - Logo ANZ Financial App Info
Agoda - Logo Agoda Recreation App Info
Gumtree - Logo Gumtree Shopping App Info
Delta - Logo Delta Business App Info
Backblaze - Logo Backblaze Business App Info
eBay - Logo eBay Shopping App Info
Weave - Logo Weave VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Ecobee - Logo Ecobee Device/IoT App Info
Canva - Logo Canva Business App Info
Ceridian - Logo Ceridian Career and Education App Info
Blackbaud - Logo Blackbaud Financial App Info
Nextdoor - Logo Nextdoor Social Media App Info
The adjacent list of applications are hosted on SendGrid.

Internal Networks Deployed By SendGrid

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
SendGrid - Logo SendGrid Core Network - 814 IPs

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