Netify DPI - Aggregator Data Format

This document provides details on the network metadata information available through the Netify DPI Aggregator Plugin.

# Sample flow metadata from aggregator processor

# The format below is just one example.
# Other aggregation formats are available.

  "detected_protocol_name": "HTTPS",
  "detected_application_name": "netify.whatsapp",
  "application_id": 142
  "protocol_id": 91
  "ip_protocol": 6,
  "flow_count": 2,
  "local_bytes": 1452,
  "local_ip": "",
  "local_mac": "f8:e9:03:01:69:13",
  "other_bytes": 1056,
  "other_ip": "",
  "packets": 18,

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