Netify DPI - CT Labels Plugin

The Connection Tracking (CT) Labels Plugin is a premium add-on to the Netify Agent. The software can be used to integrate with:

  • nftables - firewalling and audit trails
  • tc - traffic control and QoS

For iptables support, we recommend the Netify DPI IP Sets Plugin.

Netify Network Policy Engine

How It Works

Before getting started, please take 5 minutes
to read the Network Policy Datasets document.

The Netify Agent Connection Tracking (CT) Labels Plugin provides a high-speed interface to the Linux connection tracking label system. Flow detections are immediately available to the plugin where flow criteria is matched against user-defined expressions.

Netify Evaluation Kit

The open-source Netify Agent (netifyd) comes with 200 application and 175 protocol signatures, as well as full data stream support. Please contact us to gain access to the Netify Evaluation Kit which includes:

Evaluate Netify DPI

Do you want to get started with evaluating Netify DPI? Request the Integrators Kit today.

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