Data Filters

When retrieving data from the Netify API, you can provide a filter for drilling down into your data.

Timespan Filters

Setting Description Example
filter_interval Filters data for last X minutes from current time 180
filter_start_date Start time for time filter in Unix time, UTC 1544400000
filter_end_date End time for time filter in Unix time, UTC 1544500000

Feature Filters

Setting Description Example
filter_applications List of application IDs [119,124]
filter_application_categories List of application categories [3,7,9]
filter_protocols List of protocol IDs [5,91]
filter_protocol_categories List of protocol categories [5,6,7]
filter_countries List of countries, two-letter code ["ca","us"]
Device Discovery
filter_discovery_hardware List of discovered hardware ["iPhone","LG3"]
filter_discovery_types List of discovered device types [16,18]
filter_discovery_os List of discovered device operating systems [1,2,202]
Network Data
filter_ip_versions List of IP versions [4]
filter_ip_protocols List of IP protocols [6,17]
filter_ips List of local IP addresses [""]
filter_macs List of local MAC addresses ["11:22:33:44:aa:bb"]
filter_flow_types List of flow types ["remote","multicast"]
filter_agents List of Netify agents [1,2]
filter_owners List of owner IDs [1,2]
filter_groups List of group of IDs [1,2]
filter_devices List of device IDs [1,2]
filter_os List of OS IDs [1,2,202]
filter_types List of device type IDs [16,18]

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