Netify features at a glance

Device Discovery

The Netify agent tracks and automatically adds any new devices found on the local network for classification, association and labeling.

  • Real-time device discovery and alerting
  • Automatic classification of device type using packet analysis
  • User-provided data is 100% private, encrypted with a passphrase known only to users
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Risk and Reputation

The Netify machine learning engine is continually analyzing network flows and devices on the network to identity threats and risky behavior.

  • Alert and educate team-members
  • Reduce cybersecurity risk
  • Continuous analysis beyond point-in-time retroactively scans for malicious content
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Netify Screenshots
The secure, Netify portal is designed with privacy in mind.

Application Detection

The Netify machine learning engine and deep packet inspection engine is able to identify applications in use on the network.

  • Map flows to an application - including encrypted traffic
  • Historical archiving of employee or team-members activity on the network to help solve productivity or policy issues
  • Netify maintains a dynamic list of application signatures
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Bandwidth Monitoring

Is a VoIP call suddenly breaking up or video stalling? Find out instantly what devices on the network are increasing latency and consuming bandwidth.

  • Identify users/devices consuming the most bandwidth
  • Identify the top websites being visited
  • Geolocation reports
  • Real-time and historical data
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Connection Tracking

Can you say you’re tracking every single connection being made out of and into a local network?

  • Archive all flow connection metadata for one year or longer
  • Drill down into reports to provide detailed information on user, device, protocol, application and more
  • Discover connections using weak SSL/TLS versions and ciphers
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Network geolocation identifies where connections are being made in regions around the world.

  • Heat maps quickly show anomalies in typical traffic patterns
  • Complement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) techniques
  • Track data usage outside boundaries where additional fees may apply
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Filter out the noise amongst the millions of packet flows to identify the important signals - help IT and managers make better business decisions

Hostname Visibility

Monitor and record every hostname lookup made by devices on the network.

  • View top websites being accessed from within the network
  • Identify phishing attempts
  • Classify domains by category - technology, news, commerce, social media and more
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Protocol Detection

Peer-to-peer file sharing is just one of over 190 protocols the Netify DPI engine can detect and classify. Others categories of protocols include:

  • File sharing
  • Video and audio streaming services
  • Gaming
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Mobile Application

The Netify mobile app for iPhone and Android provides an always on link to agent reporting to the cloud

  • Mobile app makes it simple to access data and receive alerts - anywhere, anytime
  • Maintains customer privacy by storing the encryption key on a mobile device, not Netify’s servers
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Mobile Application

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