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Detection Information

The following page provides details on IP networks and domains used by Barefruit. You can use this information to manage or block Barefruit apps, web access and more.


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Barefruit generates highly targeted traffic for ISPs by replacing DNS and HTTP errors with relevant advertising.



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Do you know how much Barefruit traffic flows through your network? Not all online Advertisers are created equal equal. From unwanted cryptocurrency mining, to malware, to privacy breaches, and more. Keep track of advertiser networks... they're keeping track of you!

What gets measured, gets managed.

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Primary Domains


Networks and IPs

ASN Networks

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Cloud Service Networks - SaaS

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Data Feed API

The data shown here is also available via our Netify Informatics API. Please contact us for subscription details.

"data": {
    "tag": "netify.twitter",
    "label": "Twitter",
    "shared_ip_detected": true,
    "category": {
        "id": 24,
        "tag": "social-media",
        "label": "Social Media"
    "network_list": [
            "network": "",
            "version": "ipv4",
            "detection_type": "ai",
            "shared": false,
            "platform": {
                "id": 1002,
                "tag": "akamai",
                "label": "Akamai",
                "category": {
                    "id": 2,
                    "tag": "cdn",
                    "label": "CDN"

Integration and Custom Solutions

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